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 Eduard Pfalz DIIIa Weekend edition 1/48

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PostSubject: Eduard Pfalz DIIIa Weekend edition 1/48    Sun Feb 19 2017, 12:47

Here is my first ever WWI attempt. With the exception of some balsa and silk WWI powered kits in my early teens I've always built WWII plastic before this. I learned a few things on this one, so hopefully my next will be better. Tried my hand at wood grain on the prop. Not too bad but I think I can do better.

Building a Pfalz DIIIa. Its one of the Eduards week end specials ( meaning no photo etched parts) or other bells and whistles & one set of markings. I started building some simpler WWII last year to kick start my skills by building a Natter and Me163. These were reasonably straight forward, while the Ho-229 got me into using some modelers putty and recognizing how bad my eyes have become. These were kids stuff compared to WWI biplanes. HM and others must have some nice special purpose jigs for the struts and wing placement. This was a very tedious process. I'd say compared to WWII models a diecast golden wings or WWI is worth the money Smile Anyone who builds these in 1/72 you have my admiration and sympathies.

1st, the criminal returns to the scene of his crimes, Hmmm he loves the smell of styrene in the morning. I built most of it yesterday as it was raining and cold, then finished up other details this morning and painted. Searched the floor for a cockpit part that fell out, ( no luck and you can't see it anyway Smile .) Next I will apply the decals and will post a pic after Cindy and I get back.

Interesting in that Eduard provides two different lower wings , one rounded and the other more pointed similar to the top wing. The DIII seems to utilize both. I went with the box art version

When we got back the wing had separated Rolling Eyes Not having any modelers masking tape I tried some painters tape to keep them squeezed together as the glue was already eating away the pegs. I did not want to use too much more. The Eduard decals leave a bit to be desired on this kit. They break very easily and do not adhere very well.

On the + side going out with Cindy to the antique shops this afternoon netted her dough box style end table and me of all things, a 1/48 airfield accessories kit from the 90's for $10. I've never seen anything like this in these stores , but there it was next to all the old lady jewelry and Beatrix Potter figures....go figure. These are hard to find so being the good hubby pays off guys :laugh:

Ltn. Hans Müller of Jasta 18.

World War I
On 1 April 1914, Müller joined Infantry Regiment No. 13. He began World War I with this unit, but transferred to aviation in November 1916. He flew two-seaters a bit, then joined Jasta 12 in late 1917. In early January 1918, he transferred to Jasta 15 to fly a Fokker Triplane. He scored for the first time on 9 January 1918. On the 29th, he got a confirmed win but had a second one not confirmed. In March 1918, after downing an R.E.8 for his third victory, Müller was shot down over no man's land but managed to make it back to his own lines. In May, Jasta 18 engaged the 103rd Aero Squadron and Müller shot down a SPAD for his fifth victory. His victim was probably Paul Baer, the first American ace of the United States Air Service. On 14 September 1918, Müller scored Jasta 18's 100th victory. Between 9:00 and 9:15 AM on 14 September, Müller shot down three Spad XIIIs from the American 13th Aero Squadron . At 2:40 PM that same afternoon, he shot down a fourth Spad from that same squadron. A week later, he finished his tally with one last Spad.
Post World War I

At some point in time, Müller changed his surname to "Garrelt" as the name "Hans Müller" was rather common and he and a neighbor with the same name were forever getting their mail confused. During World War II, Müller served on the staff of Lutflotte III under Generalfeldmarschall Sperrle. In civilian live he became an engineer designing steam locomotives for Hanomag and Henschel before going freelance. Müller died of a brain tumor in 1964.

Pictures and data from the aerodrome web site.

SpecNAv.....they say imitation is the sincerest of flattery....I loved the base you use on your I'm stealing shamelessly.

And the last thing I thought I would find in an antique shop.

If you score a victory but lose your wingman, you lost the battle.
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Eduard Pfalz DIIIa Weekend edition 1/48
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