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 Dragon - Bachem Natter in 1/48 scale with launcher

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PostSubject: Dragon - Bachem Natter in 1/48 scale with launcher    Sun Feb 19 2017, 13:04

Posted on the other forums earlier but figured I would add it here. Started building kits again with these small and simple aircraft toget the skills back.

Interesting subject. They never really got the mobile telephone pole launcher tested but they did build several static launching platforms....not much more than a circle of poured concrete with a small pit to facilitate the launch pole.

The plan was a trio of launch pads but only a few were built & they still exist in some woods off the beaten path in Germany. . I have always liked this aircraft as it did get launched in test and was captured by the US army at wars end I'm sure a few pilots would have taken a shot had the war lasted a few more weeks. Amazing what people will do when their home is threatened. I left the solid and plexiglass nose cones off. I've never see a photo of one with the plexiglass nose cone and the one provided with the model looks a bit thick and unnatural for lack of a better word. With the situation what it was in March-April I doubt the materials for the plexiglass cone would have been available. The nose cone was to have an ejection mechanism but surprisingly the small book I have on the Natter never mentions this. I bet in the excitement of launch and with only seconds to line up and fire the pilot would have launched through the glass in error. I built this with the block and tackle hoist blocks in where in the book did it clearly show how it was locked in place once hoisted up...obviously the ropes and harness had to be removed..perhaps the rail that is grooved had a guide pin and hold blocks the fuselage rested on...... Still researching this. The Russians captured a few as did we....there is some speculation on one launch before years end but like the ME-163, He162 and other claims in the last week of the war it can't be proven....
My apologies for the poor lighting and I phone pics that wash the colors a bit oddly ....

Even in 1/48 scale some parts are very small and my eyes are sure not what they used to be. Wink The photo etched parts while perhaps adding detail frustrate me more than they add to the my model because of my fat finger build style.

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Dragon - Bachem Natter in 1/48 scale with launcher
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