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 Dragon Me-163 and Go-229 in 1/48 scale

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PostSubject: Dragon Me-163 and Go-229 in 1/48 scale   Sun Feb 19 2017, 13:06

I have a couple of books - Spates Top Secret Bird, Ospreys German Jet fighters, the old Ballentine Rocket fighter from back in the 70' s that devotes quite a bit to this aircraft and a few other books that touch on it. In considering painting I found there were a lot of different schemes and the wings were subcontracted out and more often than not came pre painted in splinter pattern camo that the crews did not bother to change. So I took a shot based on some pics I have seen. An air brush would be better combined with some knowledge how to use one, but I doubt that I will go down this path until retirement perhaps. Anyway here is my shot at another gap filler as I don't think anyone will do this one either in diecast.... but it sure seems it would be a lower cost model for HM to produce and paint with enough paint schemes and test birds ( red) and armament variations to get something out of the mold.
If you like WWII and have a FM ME-262 ( I put mine in the pic for the contrast ) the ME-163 is one to add to your collection in this scale.

As you can see by the pics there are a lot of join issues on this model and that seems to be common on the Dragon kits I have been working on. I have never used modeling putty or sanded anything before so this was a learning experience for me. I checked my book on this one and left the flash guarded wing cannon off my model. The crosses may not have been on the flying original before it crash landed during tests but what the hell. The Germans launched some amazing birds. The world certainly dodged a bullet with their defeat. Sorry some of the pics are a bit dark...the basement lighting is not so great depending on the time of day even with lamps. After the HM visit I feel reasonably sure we will not see these at least in 1/48 scale. These dragon kits were just over $11 in Hong Kong 1/3 of their cost in the usa before shipping so I pick one up now when ever I go.

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Dragon Me-163 and Go-229 in 1/48 scale
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