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 DML 1/72 ME-1101

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PostSubject: DML 1/72 ME-1101   Sun Feb 19 2017, 16:57

I'm building the DML 1/72 Me1101. There are a lot of German what if projects out there that never got past a sheet of paper but this was not the case for the P-1101. I picked this up over 20 years ago. When I started collecting 1.48 diecast in earnest I set all my 1/72 kits aside in the fridge Smile It stored nicely.

....................... ..................

The Messerschmitt P.1101 was a single-seat, single-jet fighter project developed in response to the 15 July 1944 Emergency Fighter Program which sought the second generation of jet fighters for the Third Reich. A characteristic feature of the P.1101 prototype was that the sweep of the wings could be changed before flight, a feature further developed in later variable-sweep aircraft such as the Bell X-5 and Grumman XF10F Jaguar.

The P-1101 was captured at the end of the war in Oberammergau. It never flew as the end of the war delayed the final engine delivery. The schedule for its first test flight was July 1945. Brought to the United States its variable geometry wing design was of interest. Its successor flew in the USA as the Bell X-5 .

Ty and I at WP AFB Museum a few years back. We were visiting family in Kentucky and he had never been before. My first trip was as a 14 year old JR AF ROTC cadet . I still have several of the posters I bought on that trip on the basement wall. Ty is in front of the Avro Car. Will take some new pics at the WWI Fly in at the end of September.

In the pictures below you see its capture in Oberammergau and later at the Bell factory with a US jet engine installed. It never flew in the US as it was damaged in transit. Bell used information to developed its close cousin the Bell-X5 that had a true variable geometry wing that could move in flight.


1/72 DML Messerschmitt P1101 (Me-1101) - with Ruhrstahl X-4 Air-to-Air Missile Kit Number 5013 Issued in 1993. One of the Golden Wings Series

The kit comes in grey plastic with 67 parts starting with the fuselage/interior on one sprue tree. The missiles and engine components are on a second tree. Photo Etched cockpit instrumentation is included as is the clear plastic canopy. The sprues and other parts are in 4 sealed pouches. Decals are provided for a 1946 what if version. The instructions are straight forward and the paint charts are a nice touch in the DML kits as they reference specific colors on all parts as well as the last pages providing suggestions on the camo for the finished model.

The kit is out of production but can be found on ebay for a $25 + shipping but some bidders have been able to obtain it for less. I remember buying this kit when it came out at a long since closed shopping mall.

I'll get started this evening. Like my other builds I will just edit this post as I go. I'm lucky to have a nice reference book that has this aircraft as one of its prime subjects.

My work bench. One thing I noticed were the small bottle paints were drying up as was the thinner bottle. Anyone know how to stretch the life of these things out a bit or are the small bottles just a lost cause once opened?

Like most of my experience with Dragon models the attachment to the sprue is a bit thick so you have to be careful with smaller parts and do a bit of sanding.

The engine comes first and it's a disappointment. My I-phone takes decent pictures from a distance and of my diecast, but up close its a bit worthless. However you get the idea. As you can see very little detail is provided for the engine. It is only 4 parts, with the compressor fan buried deep inside the engine housing where it will never ever been seen and a 4 color paint scheme. The fit is poor and it required some sanding on the seams and edges.

I figured OK after all this is a 1/72 kit and the detail might be expected to be a bit sparse but this engine seemed too "clean" after building a 1/48 HO-229 with the Jumo engines a while back. I was not sure if this truly represented the intended engine for the P-1101 or even ones used in mock-ups. My book never references this style engine. I think DML figured no one will really show it open or look that close at the next generation engines so don't put the effort into the real thing. They could have at least scaled down a decent Jumo-4.

The HeS-011 turbojet intended for this aircraft and used in the photo taken at Obergammeu never made it into full production. Only 19 prototypes were built as allies overran the production facilities. The photo at the Obergammerau plant was with a damaged proto type engine "sans forward intake" was used to help development along. Two museum-preserved examples survive in the United States.

The P-1101 prototype in theory may once have been fitted with a standard Jumo 004B jet engine, to be replaced with the more powerful He S 011 in subsequent production versions. But this engine DML included is no Jumo.

Included below is a photo of the actual engine less the front air intake . An outfit called SHARKIT makes what look to be an outstanding 1/72 resin engine but you have to buy all three and at $38 Euros. ( just under $50 USD) +VAT and shipping to the USA , though you do get 3 engines that's a bit steep. I don't have the skills to do something worthwhile with this "BIC PEN TUBE " so I will work with a closed engine bay. It appears this kit was released under the Revell label and the engine is slightly different but still not accurate. The 1986 HUMA kit nails the HES0 -011 engine.

Updated 9/14

I remember putting together that Bachem Natter in 1/48 and complaining to you guys about the tiny parts ..... Smile This one is worse .....

....I liked PPM 's wheel well wash techniques.... I tried a bit of painting, playing with washing out paints and blends on the inside of the fuselage to see what textures and edging might bring out or sharpen some detail. I have to say it does help vs painting the straight RLM colors suggested . My I phone does not take good close up shots but I do like the result better than straight from the bottle paint.

The shading and the corners pop more with this technique at least in IMO. I can tell this takes some time to get it right . The tail assembly is a bit of a bear as the stabilizers don't have slots, they have one tiny single pin that you must take car with when cutting the part away from the sprue and then sanding down the attachment nibs.

The fuselage fit is tough with the bulkheads and the dash board. I am using the clothes pin method but may try to get that clamp Mike managed to find. The photo etched is nice but you can't see it really once things are closed up. I tried to take a few pics but the camera cant pick it up. It's tough to get them off their little metal sprue.

Tough pics again as I'm in a basement and tried to throw more light on the open fuselage. The photo etched dashboard is installed and the pilots seat. Still have to add the joy stick as its far too large and would almost touced the top of the windscreen. You can see the engine tube mounts straight up to the nose of the aircraft where the open air intake will be.

It does make you wonder when you see the construction and the tail assembly if it could have stood High G maneuvers. Even in the photos it looks to have more of a dragonfly appearance. I wonder if there was some sort of main spar down its spine. I'll have to go back to my book on this.

Updated 9/21

Well back to it last night ...this little 1/72 kit is a bit of a bugger but on the DML / Dragon kits I've built to date (Natter and HO-229 both in 1/48 ) there always have been some fit issues ....I am going to have to stay with 1/48 as my fat finger build style and eyesight even with the mag glass makes these 1/72 one a bit tough. Smile

The tail assembly lines up pretty well but the wings are attached with a single small pin vs a slot or two pins. You have to give it some attention. On these you have to do some dry fitting and sanding ........

Those engine bay doors don't have anything to really attach to so they will be tough and filler will be needed at the exhaust port joins. Look forward to getting a couple of those clamps at the fly in next week. Tried a couple of times to get a photo of the cockpit as I did manage to get the photo etched stuff in there. Can't get a focus with the the phone. Sad

This is all for this weekend. Those small air to air missiles will be a bear to assemble ....

See some of you in Dayton next saturday.

Back to the build I know I will stay with 1.48 from here on out......

Dragon / DML always seem to need putty ...I thought I did a good job then I took a shot at my spray paint.... MAN did the other lines ever show up!!!!! more putty Sad
The clamps helped and made spray painting easier . The camera took decent pictures at the fly in but I can't seem to get the same quality in the basement.


I decided to do my take on the initial prototype as it may have looked just prior to its maiden flight planed for late June early July 1945 vs a what if fighter unit. So it may seem a bit plain to many but it did get built and had the war lasted just a few more weeks this is what it may have looked like somewhere on the autobahn .......

I learned several things . .... 1/72 is a lot harder to build, at least for me . I guess the stash of these I have hauled around the country for 33 ++ years lets me know how bad my eyes have become Smile ... A kit stash is a great idea and i have been building a substantial 1/48 one for retirement but I better hope the after market decal producers are still around or the technology to laser print your own advances. This kit is about 20 years old and the decals broke up. You will note no Swazi which was a bit of a surprise as I thought the PC campaign was more of a post Y2K sort of thing. Photo etch while looking great ends up covered up for the most part in this scale so IMO for this modeler its no real advantage though for the really talented I can see the attraction. The P.E ring radio antenna went spiraling into space as I removed it, never to be seen again so I rigged up a sub.

I added my 1.50 Corgi AA half track and then the FM Me262 for some size contrast. I have to say if I could find a 1.48 kit of this I would buy it in an instant. Something about this aircraft I really like. You can see the late 40's and early fifties lineage of US and Soviet fighters in it. Bet that Huma kit costs a mint though. Smile

If you score a victory but lose your wingman, you lost the battle.
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DML 1/72 ME-1101
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