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Kyushu J7W


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PostSubject: COMPLETE LIST OF MARUSHINS    Sun Feb 19 2017, 23:46

Here is a list found & posted by uscgmk1 on the MHIII. Nice piece of research as many of us have been looking for this for a long time. Some of these you can google search (ex. Marushin S-001) and see pictures.

S-001 A6M5 Zero 65328
S-002 A6M2-21 Zero AI-101
S-003 A6M3-22 Zero Tora 113
S-004 A6M3-32 Hamp Q-108
S-005 A6M5 Zero 03-09 rising sun box later replaced with standard box
S-006 P-51D Mustang silver
S-007 P-51D Mustang Ridge Runner
S-008 P-51D Mustang Miss America
S-009 George A343-15
S-010 Jack 302
S-011 Tony silver
S-012 Jack 352
S-013 Tony green (special markings)
S-014 Frank green
S-015 Frank silver
S-016 Oscar Akeno silver
S-017 Oscar 64 Kato green
S-018 A6M2-21 Zero AII-105 Shiga
S-019 A6M3-32 Hamp T2-190 Sugita
S-020 A6M3-22 106 Nishizawa
S-021 Betty Misawa green
S-022 Betty Kanoya camo
S-023 D3A1 Val
S-024 D3A2 Val green
S-025 A6M2 Zero 02-888 Kamikaze
S-026 Ohka
S-027 B5N1 Kate W-326 silver
S-028 B5N2 Kate AI-301 green
S-029 George B343-54 green
S-030 K5Y1 Willow land
S-031 K5Y2 Willow floatplane
S-032 Oscar Oscar III For Those We Love movie ltd. ed.
S-033 Tony 244 silver
S-034 Frank green


C-1 P-51D Glamorous Glenn III in tailored livery box

C-2 A6M5 Zero Special Silver Ed. in plain foam box with green sleeve

**C-2 P-51D Tuskegee in nice hinged window box which is same form C-3 thru C-9 below were released

C-3 A6M2-21 Zero Pearl Harbor Ed. dedicated livery

C-4 Val Pearl Harbor Ed. dedicated livery

C-5 Kate Pearl Harbor Ed. dedicated livery

C-6 Tony silver (same as kit S-033)

C-7 Frank green (same as kit S-034)

C-8 Jack dedicated livery

C-9 George 343 dedicated livery

**Marushin reassigned catalog #C-2 to the Tuskegee P-51D when they cancelled production of the Special Silver Edition A6M5


No.2 A6M2-21 Zero assembled form same as kit S-002 in window box

Franklin Mint George "The Last Hero" new livery but still 343rd ku assembled form in plain foam box with wooden hexagonal display stand with plaque 1997

Franklin Mint Tony (same as S-033 & C-6) assembled form in plain foam box with wooden hexagonal display stand with plaque 1998

**DeAgostini A6M5 Zero 721-23 Air Combat Collection Gold Scale mail away assembled form in foam box with cardboard sleeve

A6M2-21 Zero Special Silver Edition (no catalog #) assembled form window box special mailaway

A6M5-52 Zero 50th Anniv. Ed. ma-214 kamikaze (new livery never before released or since which is why listed it here as there were other 50th Anniv. releases but were liveries previously released ie. S-002 A6M2-21, S-004 A6M3-32 Hamp, etc.)

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