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 Albatros DIII in 1:48 by GLENCOE

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PostSubject: Albatros DIII in 1:48 by GLENCOE   Mon Feb 20 2017, 08:00

[NOTE - COPIED FROM THE TMWCF - Originally posted by Mike Marra]

Pair of Fokker Albatros DIII's in 1:48 by GLENCOE

-Well, you get what you pay for!

-I was able to acquire a pair of these models for around $5 wonder - what an awful kit to assemble!

-PMMaker drafted an excellent narrative on all the kit's shortcomings so I won't go into that again, but suffice it to say this kit should be pulled from all shelves (it's discontinued, but if it wasn't it should never be sold again!).

-It was dreadful to put together - nothing fit and the directions were terrible to downright misleading.

-Let's put it this way....I purchased this kit "open" and chock full of wonderful lozenge patter decals, but the model was of such poor quality I did not want to waste them!

-So, here is a lot of "lipstick on the pig" to try to mask the poor fit and quality of this model. To make it worse, I bought TWO of them from the same guy who was probably glad to be rid of them. I would feel sorry for anyone who selected THIS model as their first - they would never attempt another!

-So, here are the twin Albatross DIII's! I took some liberties with paint schemes to mask the huge gaps and seams in this model type...forgive me!

-Behold: good from far, but far from good! Better luck next time with GLENCOE, a usually far better model producer than this example!

Here is the result....after many painful hours of slapping this together and painting over the many flaws!

Regards, Mike

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Albatros DIII in 1:48 by GLENCOE
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