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 RODEN Pfalz D.III in 72nd scale

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PostSubject: RODEN Pfalz D.III in 72nd scale   Mon Feb 20 2017, 08:19

My last entry (I REALLY hope) to this sub-forum is a kit I built last year when I started building 72nd scale WWI kits. This kit by RODEN was purchased from a local hobby shop for about $10.00 and it was my first and subsequently last RODEN kit.

This kit was made even more difficult by virtue of it being a small 72nd scale model. Here are the issues that have prompted me to include it in the Hall of Shame.

1) The fuselage halves were severely warped both along the horizontal axis (front to back bowed outward) and from top to bottom (twisted). This made aligning the fuselage halves together difficult as nothing lined up.

Solution tip: I glued the front half of the fuselage, clamped it, and let it dry. Then once dry, I glued the middle section of the fuselage. Once dry, I progressed to the tail. Doing the sections made aligning the fuselage halves easier. Then came lots of filling with putty and sanding.

2) All the wing struts were really secure to the sprue frames. But once I tried to carefully cut them off the sprue, the parts snapped. The struts are fragile enough in a 48th scale kit, but in 72nd scale, this issue is magnified. Making new struts is nearly impossible so I had to glue and sand the struts and landing gear frames.

3) Directions are in Russian and the images are confusing. I practically built this one on the "blind" using a lot of guess work. As to painting the model, I just used the box art as my guide.

4) The decals were awfully brittle. I over sprayed them with three applications of Krylon gloss acrylic spray and that seemed to help them. The Krylon made the decals a bit thick, but Micro-sol helped a bit.

Here is the finished product.


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RODEN Pfalz D.III in 72nd scale
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