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 BLUE Max 1/48 Roland C.II Observer

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PostSubject: BLUE Max 1/48 Roland C.II Observer   Mon Feb 20 2017, 08:55

[NOTE - COPIED FROM THE TMWCF - Originally posted by Mike Marra]

BLUE Max 1/48 Roland C.II Observer; 1916

Greetings Gents!

-Another BLUE MAX kit which was acquired for $20 including S+H. This is supposed to be a rare, high-end kit with something like only 1,500 produced.

-In reality, a TERRIBLE model to build!

-NO DIAGRAMED directions.....just a narrative and a "blow-up" drawing of a completed C.II

-NO real parts for the landing gear - had to make my own from photos and old Rodden extra parts, which is somewhat typical from this brand-name.

-NO pilot or crew, so a HM 1/48 pilot had to do with some modifications. An observer from a LINDBERGH kit was transformed into "observer corps" material and is seen here brandishing TWO bombs to throw down!

-NO slots for the wings to fit; had to be spot-glued and held for the right canard on both sides for TOP and BOTTOM....a royal PITA.

-NO easy fitting parts; almost all had to be cut, sanded and shaped to fit.

-Detailed parts for the cockpit ONLY worked to keep the fuselage halves from going together, so OUT had to come some of the parts - not helpful.

-Added some LOZENGE PATTERN CAMMO to spice this one up a bit

-I would probably NOT purchase any MORE "Blue Max" kits and that is disappointing as they do have some rare birds others do not offer. I WAS looking for the Vickers Gunbus, a two-place British pusher circa 1915, but would just as soon pass on that one after the BLUE MAX experience I had with this one and one other.

-Behold, the ROLAND C.II in winter lozenge camouflage over the Verdun Sector, late 1916!

Regards, Mike

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BLUE Max 1/48 Roland C.II Observer
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