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 Special Hobby Stuka

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PostSubject: Special Hobby Stuka   Mon Feb 20 2017, 08:59

[NOTE - COPIED FROM THE TMWCF - Originally posted by Mike Marra]

Special Hobby Junkers 87 "A-Model" Stuka

Overall, way overpriced if you buy it new at between $50 and $100.

The quality of fit, parts, and overall engineering was poor. SMER kits fit better than this for 1/10th the cost.

If this was a low cost model I could live with it, but it is not - it is very expensive.

The "resin" parts were so brittle they disintegrated.

The cockpit you build beforehand will not fit into the fuselage if you build it as designed.

No crew (not a big deal for most others).

No bombs. Had to find my own along with the racks and scratch build them.

Very flimsy canopy and missing the landing light.

Very poor design to attach the distinctive flaps to the wings - almost impossible.

Decals were "ok" and actually on the low-end of quality...and very politically correct by leaving out the swazis which clearly belong on the vertical stabilizer. Weak!

Did I already mention the poor fitting parts?

Overall, I looked forward to doing this model for about two years. When I finally found it in an old hobby shop for $20 (open box kit) I was overjoyed. Then I started building it...what a letdown.

So, it came out "ok" but only with a lot of unnecessary TLC and putty, and even then I could not get all the gaps.

If you are like me and coveted a JU-87 "A" model in 1/48, you will be compelled to consider this kit, but my recommendation would be to not spend more than $20 TOTAL on it as it is simply not worth it.  Hard for me to talk-down a model, as I usually try to find the good in most things, but I say this ONLY to save you guys some $$$ if you were considering it.


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Special Hobby Stuka
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