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 Frog 1/72 Fairey Firefly FR1

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PostSubject: Frog 1/72 Fairey Firefly FR1   Mon Feb 20 2017, 09:13

[NOTE - COPIED FROM THE TMWCF - Originally posted by DCRanger]

As a kid next to Airfix Frog was my favourite kit manufacturer so imagine my disappointment with this model. Admittedly it is an old kit but I expected much better.

When I opened the bag I found that it was pretty basic but that was OK and it wouldn't take long to finish - would it? I started it back in the winter months by assembling the interior parts and then the fuselage halves and there's where the problems started. Starting at the tail end it seemed like a reasonably fit but as I moved forward I found that one half was longer than the other so at the front end there was a step.

The glazing for the rear cockpit was in three pieces which needed quite a bit of trimming after which I found that lining them up on one side there steps on the other side.

The wings consisted of five parts, two upper and two lower with a centre section which joined the two outer sections on the underside of the fuselage. The flaps on the lower wing halves extended under the fuselage but they were both curled downwards. A bit of gentle heat and pressure was needed to straighten them out. At this point the better weather weather started and I didn't need much to make me put it aside until later.

Later was a couple of weeks ago and the wings were attached to the fuselage. The fit was awful with large gaps that needed a lot of filler. The undercarriage was very frail and a also a poor fit but at last it is finished. There were quite a few moments when the whole thing came very close to going in the bin.

The supplied decals appeared to be very poor which isn't surprising given the age of the kit so I opted to buy after market decals. The scheme I chose is for an aircraft of 827 Squadron aboard the carrier HMS Triumph 1950 - Korea. The carrier was in the Far East when the war in Korea started and the ship with it's aircraft were the first British forces to go into action. The FR1 were also the last to see action in Korea as later carriers were equipped with the FR4.

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Frog 1/72 Fairey Firefly FR1
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