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 Early Eduard Fokker D VI in 1:48 scale

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PostSubject: Early Eduard Fokker D VI in 1:48 scale   Mon Feb 20 2017, 09:49

[NOTE - COPIED FROM THE TMWCF - Originally posted by Mike Marra]

Early Eduard Fokker D VI in 1:48 scale

-Wow, talk about a disappointment!

-Gents, I would NOT buy this model if I were you. SAVE YOUR MONEY and look elsewhere as this one is ripe with issues.

-OK, the box looks very attractive and the decals AND lozenge pattern material is VERY attractive, but that is where the good news ENDS.

-Terrible and incomplete directions.

-Molding and quality of plastic is very, very poor. It is so poor that the plastic started melting and changing shape when in direct sunlight! Yep, went to spray paint the body and had it outside - came back and it had changed shape and became very soft plastic! This is the sign of very cheap plastic of low quality.

-Landing gear design is horrific. Basically, they give you four pieces of plastic and let you figure it out - does NOT even support the aircraft! I had to take a CLEAR piece of plastic and cement it between the gear wing and the lower fuselage to get the gear to support the plane - weak!

-Over designed the cockpit then provided really low quality parts to construct it that did not fit and would not all fit together once the cockpit apparatus was placed in the fuselage. Aggravating.

-Minor point, but no pilot (I added one).

-Struts did not line up at all.

-Cabane struts were cut the wrong size, then no pin holes for them to line up on to look right.

-Not worth rigging.

-All in all, I would NOT recommend this airplane kit. It was not fun to build or paint. The only thing making it even partly attractive is that I think it is the ONLY 48th scale Fokker D VI on the market and the lozenge pattern material is very good.

-Now, usually I give HIGH MARKS to Eduard kits. I really believe this was an "early" Eduard and they have dramatically improved over the years. So, while still a big fan of Eduard, this one was a stinker.


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Early Eduard Fokker D VI in 1:48 scale
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