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 The MEIKRAFT MISTAKE! (Vindicator in 1/48)

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PostSubject: The MEIKRAFT MISTAKE! (Vindicator in 1/48)   Mon Feb 20 2017, 09:57

[NOTE - COPIED FROM THE TMWCF - Originally posted by Mike Marra]

The MEIKRAFT MISTAKE! (Vindicator in 1/48 scale)

Greetings Gents!

Well, not a spectacular aircraft or model, but it is what it is....

-I found this MEIKRAFT on-line and really wanted to build a Vindicator in 1/48...the alternative kits being near $50 shipped, I opted for this particular one....and got exactly what I paid for!

The KIT....

- This kit was a very poor design, build and fit....every single piece had to be cut, sanded, and filled to get to look even partially right.

- No cockpit or crew, no decals, no bomb rack....I often wondered if I got only a partial kit, but it was packaged right from the producer....geez!

- I did not even get any directions - just a description!  The canopy was as thick as a Coke-bottle - you can barely see I added two HM crewmen - hope I did not waste them!  

- This was not a model for a beginner or anyone who expected it to fit.....must be for an "advanced" and skilled modeler, because I did not enjoy this kit - I endured it 'till the end!

-Lesson Learned and passed to my model buddies:  If it says MEIKRAFT, it's going to be a problem.  MEIKRAFT in English translates to "steaming dung heap."  In fact, most "resin" kits are terrible, this being no exception. Run, don't walk, from this model.

- In the upper right hand corner of the directions, it says "not for children." It should say "not for humans."

-Pay the extra and buy a better will be glad in the end. I felt as though I WASTED paint and decals on this poor excuse for a model.


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The MEIKRAFT MISTAKE! (Vindicator in 1/48)
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