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 Nice place!

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PostSubject: Re: Nice place!   Sat Feb 25 2017, 09:01

Admin wrote:
Thanks guys!  Like a new car, as you get used to it, it starts to grow on you.  Several guys (including myself) are starting to copy initial threads over.   I've copied many of the "general topic" threads and have a few more to go.

My personal "pmmaker" kit build initial threads are all transfered.  Now I've got to go get my die-cast threads and recreate them here.  A lot of work, but better than starting completely over.


The forum does seem to have that "new car smell" to it.... lol! ....and great new imoges....


"The glorious past, the wonderful future and the crummy now..." Jean Shepherd.
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PostSubject: Re: Nice place!   Sat Feb 25 2017, 09:09

Yeah, once you figure out how to use the forum's photo-hosting, it actually works better than the old one. I also like that the images are large rather than the smaller thumbnails that we imported over from the old forum. Now I don't need to go through the aggravation of using photobucket or flickr to show large pictures - the new photo-host takes care of that for me and its easier.

After a week of copying threads and now responding to you guys latest posts, I'm really getting back into my comfort zone.


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Nice place!
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