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 Revell Germany 1/72 Heinkel He-111 H-6 Finland

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PostSubject: Revell Germany 1/72 Heinkel He-111 H-6 Finland   Mon Feb 20 2017, 15:35

My newest addition to my growing Luftwaffe multi-engine collection is the 1/72nd scale offering by Revell Germany of the Heinkel He-111.

The kit features 72 parts molded in an olive colored or clear hard styrene plastic. The parts are well numbered and have raised panel lines. The original Revell He-111 mold was a "borrowed" mold of the excellent 72nd scale Italeri He-111. This "German" reincarnation is nowhere as detailed, accurate, or easy to assemble as its predecessor. But with a bit of time and patience, it did build up into a nice addition to my collection.

The kit comes with sparse cockpit detailing. A rear bulkhead, seat, control column and guns are all you get. Sadly the three crew figures are simply awful! Think a 1/94th scale blob for a head on a 72nd scale body with 1/64 scale legs. AWFUL! Still, I wasn't about to detail the cockpit, nor was I inclined to raid the pilot box for better crew being reserved for better builds, so I used these kit supplied monstrosities and did my best to paint them realistically. Once added in and covered in glass, they aren't too bad if you don't focus on them.

Building was straight forward following the instruction diagrams. The kit provides two optional parts for the underside. One part allows for the mounting of two torpedoes for the H-6 version, the other has no armament mountings at all for a H-1 version. I decided to build the H-6 version and included the torpedoes.

For painting I painted all the main sub assemblies first. Whenever I could, I used putty and light sanding. Unfortunately, I couldn't fill in the gaps at the wing joins without damaging the intricate camouflage pattern I had so painstakingly painted, so I filled them in with dyed white glue - not perfect, but definitely acceptable. I used light blue spray for the under surfaces and an airbrush to shoot the field green / mid green upper camouflage pattern. The pattern was masked using masking tape and paper strips to get the straight, geometric camouflage pattern.

As with my prior Revell/Germany kits, the decals were a bit problematic. The quality was good, but they are very reluctant to separate themselves from their paper backing. I used hot water and let them soak extra long and then carefully separated the decals from the paper. An application of Micro-sol and Tamiya "Marks Fit" followed by a coat of Testors Dull Cote sealed them in nicely.

Final details included a simple aerial antenna wire done with E-Z Line and some exhaust staining using the Tamiya pastels.

Overall, the results are quite satisfactory and on par with my Corgi "Finnish snow" Heinkel He-111. I have two more 72nd scale He-111 models to build, but both of these will be in tan/green Mediterranean schemes.


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Revell Germany 1/72 Heinkel He-111 H-6 Finland
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