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 Forum Rules - PLEASE READ!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules - PLEASE READ!   Sat Feb 18 2017, 07:13

The Model Aircraft Collector Forum is a community based forum, rooted in the belief that collecting die-cast and plastic aircraft models should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience for all.  Therefore, our forum rules are simple and straightforward:

• Be respectful and encouraging.  Please be polite and courteous when responding to your fellow members (even if they annoy you with their opinion) and respect their viewpoint even if it isn't the same as yours.  Every member here is a part of our forum's family and has an equal voice - let's treat each other as friends with respect.

• By all means, revisit old threads and add to them. Doing so keeps our topics active and interesting.  Before you start a new thread, please check all the sub-forums to see if a thread already exists that covers this topic.  If so, please feel free to add to it!  Adding to an existing thread is preferable to having a lot of repetitious threads.

• Have fun!  Our hobby is meant to be relaxing, enjoyable and shared.  Sharing our models and our builds with each other on a fun, safe forum should be a positive experience that we all enjoy.  After all, we are casual and recreational collectors who collect airplanes and build plastic kits for fun.

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Forum Rules - PLEASE READ!
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