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 The 1/48th scale SMER AVRO 504K Revisited

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PostSubject: The 1/48th scale SMER AVRO 504K Revisited   Tue Feb 21 2017, 07:10

I’m trying to get myself back into the kit building swing of things again after a three-month hiatus. My first effort is a 1/48th scale SMĚR AVRO 504K.

Now a while back, our friend Mike had posted a pretty good review of this kit and he included a rather thorough history of the plane. So I see no point in rehashing ground already excellently covered. For those who would like to see Mike’s original and informative post, here’s the link:

For this thread, I’m going to just focus on my experience building the same kit.

For starters, my kit came from eBay. I paid $14.99 for it last year. The kit was complete and it came with an okay set of decals and two tiny windscreens in a separate plastic bag. The parts are cleanly molded and just need a tiny bit of cleaning up. Like many of the SMĚR kits I’ve built in the past, the decal locations are molded into the plastic and needed to be sanded off. My decals were for a different plane than for the plane whose markings molded on the kit so I had to sand down the molded markings.

Construction was really simple and basic. I followed my usual procedures and built and painted all the major sub-assemblies individually before assembling the entire model. The pilots, cockpits, and instrument panels were painted and added to the fuselage halves which were then glued together. The fuselage was painted using Krylon hobby spray cans. The checkerboard patterning was created using white decal film and an Excel spreadsheet printed on my laser printer. Once the fuselage was painted and decaled, I went to work on the wings.

The upper wing surfaces were spray painted and decaled. The under surfaces were painted a linen tan. Using my brown Tamiya pastels, I highlighted the raised surfaces that mimicked where the inner wing spars pushed on the fabric covering. Once all the decals were applied, I gave the wings a couple of coats of Krylon matte acrylic spray varnish.

The tail was hand-painted as I did not like the decal provided by the kit. All the horizontal surfaces were also painted linen tan and give the same pastel treatment as the wings. Once the engine and propeller were painted, I assembled the entire model.

I was happy that the cabane struts slid in fuselage slots so alignment with the top wing was fairly simple. Even the wing struts aligned nicely between the wings. Testors has come out with a “Super Glue” for plastic kits which made attaching the struts and wings together a rather easy job. The landing gear, skid, and skid struts were assembled last. At this point everything was done and ready for the last time-consuming task: rigging.

The rigging on this plane is fairly extensive and quite complicated. I used two different materials: for the control lines and easy access rigging I used EZ-line. For the harder to reach areas and wing bracing, I used 0.015 music wire cut to length and glued in place. The rigging is really essential if one is trying to capture the feel of the actual aircraft. Between the box art, box back, and a good line drawing on the instruction sheet, SMĚR has given enough documentation to rig the model fairly accurately.

Once done, this model does present an attractive representation of the AVRO 504K trainer.


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The 1/48th scale SMER AVRO 504K Revisited
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