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 SMER 1/48 Fiat C.R. 32 Freccia

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PostSubject: SMER 1/48 Fiat C.R. 32 Freccia   Tue Feb 21 2017, 07:13

Now for something a bit different and unusual. Manufactured by SMER, his 1/48th scale kit of the Fiat C.R. 32 Freccia was a very interesting and enjoyable build.

A Brief History:The Fiat CR.32 was an Italian biplane fighter used in the Spanish Civil War and World War II. This nimble little Fiat was compact, robust and highly maneuverable and gave impressive displays all over Europe in the hands of the Pattuglie Acrobatiche. The CR.32 fought in North and East Africa, in Albania and in the Mediterranean theatre. The CR.32 saw service in the air forces of China, Austria, Hungary, Paraguay and Venezuela. Used extensively in Spanish Civil War, it gained a reputation as one of the outstanding fighter biplanes of all time. But then it was overtaken by more advanced monoplane designs and was obsolete by 1939.

The Fiat C.R. 32 was a single-engine biplane that featured two wings of unequal span, an all-metal airframe, simple tail surfaces, and a fixed, cowled-in conventional undercarriage.

The Build:The build was pretty much straight forward. The only issue was the mounting pegs on the wing struts did not really fit into the mounting holes well so gluing and positioning the struts was a bit of a chore.

A pilot is supplied with the kit, but his quality is very poor. I replaced the kit pilot with a repainted HM pilot.

For the painting, I used my simple, single action airbrush and some Tamiya paints. I used some card stock and punched in some holes to give the splotches a feathered look. I painted and decaled the wings, tail planes, fuselage, and wheel covers prior to assembly and then I assembled the sub assemblies.

The kit supplies two sets of markings: An all silver scheme in Italian markings, and a camouflaged C.R. 32 flying in a Spanish Civil War scheme.

Here is my latest build:

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SMER 1/48 Fiat C.R. 32 Freccia
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