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 Glencoe 1:48 Albatros DIII, Kurt Petzinnia, Jasta 32b, 1917

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PostSubject: Glencoe 1:48 Albatros DIII, Kurt Petzinnia, Jasta 32b, 1917   Tue Feb 21 2017, 07:22

Manufacturer: Glencoe Models

Model: Fokker Albatros DIII flown by Kurt Petzinnia, Jasta 32b, 1917

Scale: 1:49

Decals / Markings: Includes sheet of Scale Master Decals for aircraft flown by 4 pilots: Werner Voss, Kurt Petzinnia,  Lt. Karl Alllmenroder, Manfred Von Richthofen

Modeler’s Notes:

1) Not by any means an easy kit to build!  For novice to mid-level modelers such as myself, this one is poorly engineered and does not go together smoothly.  There is a lot of flash to be trimmed, parts don’t align or fit so heavy duty filling and sanding is a must, and the instructions are more of a hindrance than a help.  This is one time where “cheaper” definitely was not “better.”  I do not recommend this one unless you are an advanced modeler or are a modeler with A LOT of patience.

The kit includes parts for another variation of plane, but the instructions don’t tell what that plane is.

The forward fuselage top decking does not fit onto the fuselage.  It took a lot of sanding just to get this part to somewhat fit.  The propeller cap does not align as it is too small to cover the nose of the fuselage.  You don’t get that smooth transition that is a hallmark of the Albatros.  In addition, the fuselage halves, landing gear struts, wing struts, and top/bottom wings don’t line up either.

2) The bottom wings each had a small peg which did not align properly to the fuselage.  The peg did not fit into the hole and the whole wing sagged. While I was able to get a minor alignment, it isn’t perfect, but was the best I could do.

3) The instructions show a lozenge pattern for the plane flown by Kurt Petzinnia, but it doesn’t give any colors.  The colors I used were based on one of my Corgi Albatros DV models.  I used a sky blue, medium blue, dark green, and rust for the upper pattern.  The lower pattern features light blue, light green, light yellow, and pale pink. Both the upper and lower lozenge patterns are hand drawn and hand painted.

4) The wood finish on the fuselage was created by painting the fuselage with a Tamiya “deck tan” acrylic.  Once this base was dried, I used Tamiya brown and applied a “dry brush” coat.  Then I used a soft wide brush and I applied a coat of Early American wood stain. Then I let it dry for a few days.

The propeller was also done the same way with a wood pattern painted by hand.

5) Exhaust burnt metal finish is achieved through a slight application of wood stain over a rust and steel base coat.

6) All rigging is done by using a fine florist wire cut to size and glued using Ailene’s Tacky Glue.

7) Model comes with a standing figure.  I used some plastic card to create a base for him as he would not stand on his own.  Once painted, he looks pretty good.

8 I needed to use some clear plastic sheet to create a windscreen.  The kit instructions mention it, but the part is not included in the kit.

Paints: Acrylic medium blue, light blue, dark green, rust, pale green, pale yellow, pale pink, Tamiya deck tan, Tamiya Flat Brown, Tamiya Neutral Gray, Testors gloss black, Testors steel


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Glencoe 1:48 Albatros DIII, Kurt Petzinnia, Jasta 32b, 1917
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