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 Review: Amercom 1/72 SE.5a

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PostSubject: Review: Amercom 1/72 SE.5a   Tue Feb 21 2017, 09:36

Manufacturer: Amercom

Model: SE.5a, 74 Squadron, Edward Mannock, 1918

Scale: 1/72

Collector Notes: This is a very small model in 72nd scale. With a 4.5 inch wingspan and a 3.5 inch fuselage, this little model is not for everyone. Amercom did a very nice job which for an “inexpensive” $15.00 model is surprising.

The model is mostly metal; the plastic being limited to the propeller, struts, and wheels. Amercom included some rigging which for such a small model seem unbelievable. There was some concern expressed with a fairing on the underside which ruins the lines of the plane. Luckily this fairing is plastic and it can be pried off and still allow the stand to be used. Another area of concern is the thickness of the wing, cabane, and landing gear struts. While they are thicker than they should be, the small size of the model allows the struts to work.

As with most of my diecast models, I wanted to customize mine to suit my tastes. I applied a thin coat of wood stain to all the brown struts and the propeller. This makes these parts seem less like plastic and more wood like. All the screw holes were filled in with modeling putty, sanded, and repainted. I also repainted the top wing gun using steel, gun metal, and copper to add more realism. My last modification was to use some .015 inch music wire and I added more rigging. I rigged the tail, fuselage cabane struts, landing gear struts, and outer wing struts.

So for the price, I was able to add a diecast SE.5a to my 72nd scale WWI collection.


The model in its bubble packaging.

A comparison with a 48th scale SE.5 and a 72nd scale P-51D

The un-modified model straight from the manufacturer:

The modified model:

The model in the cabinet with the rest of the 72nd scale collection:

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Review: Amercom 1/72 SE.5a
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