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 AMT 1/48 deHavilland D.H.4

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PostSubject: AMT 1/48 deHavilland D.H.4   Tue Feb 21 2017, 09:48

This is another old kit I was able to get off ebay.

Over the past few years, I have developed an unhealthy attraction to WWI and post WWI diecast and plastic models.  I wanted an affordable 1/48th scale D.H. 4 and searched ebay until I found one.  The results of my search was an older, 1960s vintage AMT deHavilland kit.

This model is quite an interesting model.  The box lists the scale as 1:48th, but looking at the pieces and comparing them to other 48th scale planes, it appears to be larger than the given scale.

The kit consists of approximately 30 plus parts.  Molded in a gray (grey) soft plastic, the wing surfaces are molded with a simulated cloth texture.  The fuselage sections are flat with some simple rivet details.  Added features include some simple bombs, detailed pilot and gunner figures, realistic rear gun and mounting brackets, and power generators.

As with most older kits from the 60s, negatives abound.

1) As the wing texture is VERY noticible, it is hard to overcome.  Sanding down the wings would required weeks of work and would in my opinion compromise the integrity of both the upper and lower wings.

2) Aligning the upper wing to the lower wing is extremely difficult as the struts do not line up very well.  AMT included two plastic "wing aligners".  But unfortunately, they don't work very well.  Holding the upper wing until the glue set required alot of patience and led to better results.

3) The decals are 100% AWFUL!  The markings are all printed on a sheet of film.  Unlike modern decals that are individually printed onto a backing paper, these decals have to be very carefully trimmed around each individual marking.  Additionally the colors on the national roundels were wrong (the blue is too light, the white is see through, the red is more pink) and need to be replaced or painted.

Building the model was an exercise in patience and imagination.  I wanted to build the model as it was meant to be built back when it was first introduced.  To get this result, I left the cloth texture alone and built the model straight from the box.  Painting was all done by hand using Tamiya acrylics (olive drab, desert sand) and oversprayed with Testor's Dullcote.  I also applied the decals then I used a fine, thin brush and repainted them by hand.  

The final challenge was to apply all the rigging wire that really makes the model "pop" out.  AMT printed a small, but detailed line drawing on the cover of the box.  Using this drawing as a guide, I took some fine (26 guage) florist wire and started to add the wiring.  I cut each piece of wire and using a tacky white glue, I attached each wire to the model.


The results of this project are shown below:

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AMT 1/48 deHavilland D.H.4
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