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 Code 3: Bristol F2B Fighter D-8096 G-AEPH Royal Flying Corp 1918

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PostSubject: Code 3: Bristol F2B Fighter D-8096 G-AEPH Royal Flying Corp 1918   Tue Feb 21 2017, 10:03

Oxford's 1/72nd scale F2B is quite a nice model. With a bit of metal and some light detailing, this plane is a good value for the price. But like all mass-produced die-cast models, this one has some small issues that I had to address in order for me to really enjoy it to its fullest.

1) The wing struts, landing gear and the propeller are all molded in a high shine caramel colored plastic. To make them look more realistic, I repainted these parts using a flat brown. The propeller was painted sand, then over painted with a stiff brush with a little brown to simulate a wood grain. Then I gave it a coat of wood stain and painted the hub.

2) I repainted the gray on the front fuselage flat aluminum. Looks a whole lot better.

3) The landing gear on my model were not correctly attached to the fuselage. This results with the wheels being crooked and the gear tilted with one side being higher than the other. I had to cut the main landing gear off and then I had to reglue it so it sat properly. I also repainted the struts a basic flat brown,

4) The rear guns are so detailed. The mounting bar is included and the two guns are really well molded. Unfortunately, all these details come in the form of gloss black plastic which looks cheap and toy like. My answer was to paint the mounting bar Testor's steel, and the guns Tamiya gun metal.

5) No pilots come with the model, but that was fixed by using a couple of spare 72nd scale pilots from my spares box. Now displaying the model in flight mode on its stand makes sense.

6) The wing and fuselage cabane struts are molded as a square frame. The thin top and bottom edges then fit into recessed grooves on the bottom of the top wing, and on the top of the lower wings. The problem is these surfaces are painted a different color than the basic caramel struts. I had to repaint these attachment points with a color that matched the wing surface.

7) Lastly, I used 0.015 wire and I rigged the major cables using tacky glue and pieces of cut wire.

Here is my revised Oxford F2B fighter in 1/72nd scale:


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Code 3: Bristol F2B Fighter D-8096 G-AEPH Royal Flying Corp 1918
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