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 Review: DW 1/144 B-29 "Look Homeward Angel"

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PostSubject: Review: DW 1/144 B-29 "Look Homeward Angel"    Tue Feb 21 2017, 11:27

After seeing the B-29 on display at the New England Air Museum last summer, I wanted to get a die-cast version for my collection.  But sadly as we all know, there isn't a die-cast one in 72nd scale. So I had to go "outside" my scale and finally ventured into the world of 1:144 scale models.

After some searching on various sites, I settled on this model: DW51011, "Look Homeward Angel" of the 39th Bomb Squadron, 6th Bomb Group.

This model is fairly nice. I had several issues that were annoying.

(1) The landing gear bays were a total pain to fit in. They just needed a lot of trimming and pushing and cursing to get into place.

(2) The panel lines are too wide and deep for a plane of this scale. The engine cowl flaps were entirely missing.

(3) As per most Dragon models, the fiddly bits were annoying, especially if you dropped one on the floor (which I did).

Positives were:

(1) this thing is mostly metal and it’s got some heft to it.

(2) It sits very well on the tricycle landing gear.

(3) The markings are colorful, detailed, and well applied. I like the “No Smoking within 100 feet” on the nose gear door and the Hamilton Standard propeller markings on each prop blade.

(4) The guns on each turret elevate. Too bad the gun mounts don’t turn.

(5) The bomb bay inserts have detailed, yellow striped bombs and brackets.

I also added a few details of my own such as some exhaust staining using my Tamiya pastels.

I like this model and would recommend it.


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Review: DW 1/144 B-29 "Look Homeward Angel"
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