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 Marushin #S001 A6M5 Zero Oita NAS 1943

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PostSubject: Marushin #S001 A6M5 Zero Oita NAS 1943   Tue Feb 21 2017, 11:32

My Zero finally arrived from Japan. Whoever said Marushin models are heavy and mostly metal wasn't kidding. Not hard to put together bit a few quirks like they all have. You have to screw the wings on along with the drop tank but the tank stays loose. Not sure if intended but thats how it is. There are 2 trim pieces that lessen it some. The tank itself had a few marks on it. Also the edges of the horizontal stabilizers were worn and hard to fit in. Actually had more wheel well details than i expected based on what I had read about Marushin. Its still very cool having a model diecast Zero from Japan.

Now for what think is a very cool "extra". The Japanese newspaper used to pack my model happened to have tributes and apparent comments surrounding Pearl Harbor. I'm thinking this newspaper was dated around December of this year. I tried to take a few pics of what I think is an interesting coincidence.

Those who don't learn about the past are doomed to repeat it
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Marushin #S001 A6M5 Zero Oita NAS 1943
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