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 Corgi AA34605 Mosquito Black Rufe 1/32 Scale

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PostSubject: Corgi AA34605 Mosquito Black Rufe 1/32 Scale   Tue Feb 21 2017, 16:32

A birthday present received yesterday. Overall I'm very pleased with it but as always there are one or issues. The crew door and the dinghy cover behind the canopy are not flush. The dinghy cover is odd because it is much better on Monkton Express. There are also one or two QC problems with paint finish in places on the wings.

It is a heavy model!  Smile

The fitter is on a charge for not fixing the engine cover properly.:LOL:

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PostSubject: Re: Corgi AA34605 Mosquito Black Rufe 1/32 Scale   Tue Feb 21 2017, 16:34

Hornchurch wrote:

 As usual D.C.R. your pix are spot-on mate ~ they make THAT Mosquito look 'a million-dollars'

  I guess most folks (like myself) WILL look-on wistfully, as it's the "immense" 1/32 scale

  Lord alone knows "how" those folks are who EVER build the Airfix 1/24th !   :mecry:  :mecry:
  (doom, gloom, expensive divorce proceedings, blah, blah, blah  :mrgreen: )

  I've still got TWO of my 1/32nd diecast Corgi Mosquito's ~ Moncton Express & the 'Oboe' one
  (Black nose & underside ~ can't remember the codes or catalogue number)

 They mostly stay 'packed-down' due to their sheer size (& weight)

 Still can't get over the fact that I bought them when married....  :razz:

 More to the point, CANNOT believe that I "only" gave £50.00 each (brand new) from Jumblies...
 (circa 2004/2005ish)

 In fact, IIRC, it was "on the day" I bought them that I first joined a diecast forum or two (Ha)
 I remember those (two) Mosquito's definitely being "the" catalyst for joining-up (diecast forums)

 If I had the space, I'd LOVE to pick this one up (on the strength of your pix alone)

  Like the chaps are saying, that's one helluva (chuffing) present !!!!!!!!

 I'd welcome even more pix (on here) if you feel so inclined ?

 (that way, I can drool WITHOUT worrying about size, ownership & space  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  ;-) )
Thanks for the compliment Kev. The 1/24  Mossie does look awesome but way, way, wayyyy beyond anything I could do justice to. I always thinks it's a shame too that when so much of the wonderful detail is hidden away. A well executed build would I think make Corgi's effort, good as it is look a bit crude. I do have fond memories of building the Stuka though many years ago. Not quite so fond memories are of when Mrs DCR decided to some dusting but I did manage to repair it.Smile

£50 Mossies - yes I have Monkton Express and it is on display! I was very tempted by the PR model and Oboe but for once I showed some restraint.

Just for you a few more photo's. First, the lethal bits.  For those not familiar with the Mossie, the bomb bay is only half the size of the bomber variants. That's because the front half is filled by the cannon breaches.The open bits just behind the wing leading edges and the radiator vents. They are moveable so can be put into the closed position.

The engine detail is good but you do need a good light to see it properly.

The canopy detail is good and I'm glad they included the rear frame which is missing from the bomber versions. It's maybe a small detail but it has always bugged me. The crew entry door impo is rather crude and when it is open and if you angle your head correctly you can see the crew's boots!

And finally the undercarriage. The wheels fold back and retract fully into the bay. The doors don't close though so to display the model on the stand in flight mode they have to be swapped for the closed versions provided.

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PostSubject: Re: Corgi AA34605 Mosquito Black Rufe 1/32 Scale   Tue Feb 21 2017, 16:39

On the old forum I said I would post info on how to fit the undercarriage doors in the open position but I never got around to doing it. Better late than never, here you go. Smile

Having been baffled for a while with fitting the Mossie undercarriage I thought this might be useful for others who been equally baffled now and in the future.

There are four doors, two marked 'R' for the starboard engine (just so that you don't get confused by left and right when the model is upside down) and two marked 'L' for the port engine. The front of the doors have the usual pins but at the back is a spring wire as shown below.

The wheel bays have a notch on each side at the rear. The spring fits in the notch at the front.

The pin fits right up front.

The wire needs to be positioned first, push back gently and press the pin into position. Three of them were a very tight fit whilst the fourth was a little loose. The wire can be bent to fit but be be careful. It is fiddly but worth the effort.
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Corgi AA34605 Mosquito Black Rufe 1/32 Scale
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