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 AA 39703 Corgi Sea Hurricane 'Nicki' HMS Nairana

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PostSubject: AA 39703 Corgi Sea Hurricane 'Nicki' HMS Nairana   Tue Feb 21 2017, 17:14

First posted Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2013.

Mine arrived today and it's not bad. The casting faults are still there of course but the rear fuselage joint looks no better and no worse than the all black Kuttelwascher Hurri but the joints under the nose seem to stand out more. The roundels are still a little on the light side so it looks like this is now the standard colour for Hurri's at least.

I've had a very long day so my eyes are not up to the job really but here you go.

Why the bomb trolley I hear you ask. Well the box insert had a recess which looks familiar and yes the trolley fits in it very nicely. Perhaps this means we will have a Hurri bomber with bomb trolley at some time.Smile

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PostSubject: Re: AA 39703 Corgi Sea Hurricane 'Nicki' HMS Nairana   Tue Feb 21 2017, 17:15

Whilst on the subject I thought this extract from E E Barringer's book Alone On A Wide Wide Sea would be of interest. It is Al Burgham's account of shooting down a JU290 whilst flying Nicki.

"A four-engined Ju 290," writes Al Burgham, "was approaching at sea level on the starboard beam of the convoy. This was the sort of interception that Charles and I had practised and dreamed of. We climbed above him and took up position on either side, so that as soon as he committed himself to turn, one or the other of us would be in the ideal position to attack. As soon as he saw us, he went down even closer to the sea and turned to starboard. This gave Charles the opportunity to make a diving attack. The Junkers tried to take evasive action by turning towards him, which put me in the ideal position. As I closed in, I could see that Charles was almost on his tail. No one will ever know what happened next. It could be that Charles was caught in the German plane's slipstream; it could be that he was hit by fire from its rear-turret 29 mm cannon. Whatever the reason his Hurricane's wingtip touched the sea and the plane flicked over and exploded in a sheet of flame and a cloud of spray. I pressed home my own attack, hitting the Junkers repeatedly at close range. It crashed into the sea and exploded. I went back to look for Charles. I saw what might have been his Mae West, but there was no sign of life. All that remained of the Junkers was an oil slick and a few floating pieces of debris. It all happened unbelievably quickly."

Three Swordfish were flown off to search for survivors. They found the wreckage of two planes and one body. After a while the Swordfish were joined by the destroyer Highlander, which recovered the body; it was that of Charles Richardson. There was no trace of the German airmen, and after about an hour the search was called off.

It's a good book and well worth reading impo.
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AA 39703 Corgi Sea Hurricane 'Nicki' HMS Nairana
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