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 Revell kit # 4119: 1/72nd scale P-39Q Airacobra

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PostSubject: Revell kit # 4119: 1/72nd scale P-39Q Airacobra   Tue Feb 21 2017, 17:34

Originally, the Bell P-39 Airacobra was to have had a turbo-supercharged engine located in the front of the plane. But during the design stage this engine was omitted and replaced with a 1.325 HP Allison V-1710-63 turbocharged engine located midship directly behind the pilot. From this location, a long crank shaft ran from the engine between the pilots legs to a three-bladed propeller in the aircraft’s nose. If the Airacobra had not had heavy armor plating and heavy armament added onto it, and had been built as specified in the original design, its altitude performance, speed, and handling characteristics would have been dramatically enhanced beyond its 380 MPH top speed and 35,000 foot ceiling.

The P-39Q has the distinction of being the most produced series of the P-39 with 4,905 built. The Q also was the last version of the Airacobra to be made by Bell. The main difference between the Q version and earlier versions was the replacement of the 4 wing-mounted 0.30 – inch machine guns with a single 0.50 –inch machine gun mounted inside a pod attached to the bottom of each wing. The P-39Q-1-BE also regained the additional 231 pounds of armor of the P-39N-1.

US Marines recaptured Makin Island in the Gilbert Islands chain in the fall of 1943 and immediately built an airbase. It became the home base for the 15th FG, 46th FS and their P-39s on December 18, 1943. The “Devestating Devil” pinkish sand paint scheme definitely was a stand out among all the greens. This P-39 was painted with the intention of it going to North Africa but it managed to find its way into the PTO. As well as being escorts for the Makin A-24s on their bombing raids against the Japanese, the P-39s of the 15th FG bombed and strafed ground targets as well.

My latest build was truly a "weekend" build as this one took two weekend work sessions to complete. Assembly was pretty routine with no issues to spoil the fun. The only area of concern was in mating the wing assembly to the fuselage where the opening for the fuselage opening is way too large. This leaves very large gaps at the wing roots that need to be filled with putty and sanded. The only "gimmick" I used was to paint and detail the engine behind the pilot. Revell provides a removeable engine cover that allows the engine to be seen.

Getting the plane to sit on its tricycle gear is simply a matter of filling the noise with modeling clay. For painting I used a Tamiya Desert Tan paint and when the paint dried, I gave the model a wash of acrylic light brown. Exhaust staining was through using my Tamiya pastels. Aerial wire was EZ-Line applied through a hole drilled into the canopy.
The national insignia decals were from another P-39 kit and the serial numbers and Devestating Devil decal were created using decal film and my laser printer.


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Revell kit # 4119: 1/72nd scale P-39Q Airacobra
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