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 Special Hobby 1/72 IMAM Ro.57 fighter (Italian AF)

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PostSubject: Special Hobby 1/72 IMAM Ro.57 fighter (Italian AF)   Wed Feb 22 2017, 23:24

Designed in 1939 for the Regia Aeronautica (Fascist Italian Air Force), the IMAM Ro.57 was intended to be a twin-engine fighter and, later, a ground attack aircraft. Production finally began in 1943 by which time it was outclassed and considered obsolete. Less than one hundred were built. It was capable of a maximum speed of 311 mph at 16000 feet. It was armed with two forward firing 12.7mm machine guns mounted in the nose.

The Kit

Not quite Hall of Shame worthy, but close. It had lots of problems with malformed parts, parts needlessly cast in resin, complicated (and broken) landing gear, and a really boring scheme. I hated it.

The kit allows you to build either the colorful prototype as seen on the cover box-art, or the drab operational scheme that I chose. I picked the latter. Also, you only get the fighter, not the bomber even though the kit included bombs (but no shackles or other necessary parts).

The model is also only intended for wheels-down display. I couldn't do this as the gear was a flimsy and weird design to begin with, but the parts I had were broken anyway. I had to go gear-up

The Build

I really hate it when you have lots of parts cast in resin for no good reason. This model has that so I had to glue 28 resin cylinders in place in the resin engine (most of which cannot be seen due to the close cowlings), individual resin prop blades to the hubs, resin exhaust stacks, and so on. Resin is such a pain to begin with, but when you have to deal with busywork for no good reason, well, the joy of the build is short-lived.

The wings were in two parts, top and bottom, and the tops were much bigger than the bottoms. Lots of cutting and filing had to be done to make them work. Since the gear-down option was gone, I had to figure out a way to make the model gear-up and in-flight. The wheels extend partially through the closed gear doors so I cut a completed wheel in half and glued a spacer to it to allow the wheel to extend through the door. Then I had to fit the doors closed.

Then it was paint, add a pilot, seal and put on a stick. Sorry, I just really didn't like this project. But it doesn't look to bad on the shelf.


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Special Hobby 1/72 IMAM Ro.57 fighter (Italian AF)
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