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  Special Hobby 1:72 Fokker D.XXI - WWII Finnish Air Force

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PostSubject: Special Hobby 1:72 Fokker D.XXI - WWII Finnish Air Force   Thu Feb 23 2017, 00:22

After my adventures in rigging and resin I decided to go back to something that I am more used to. WWII monoplane aircraft. Smart ass

For this build I selected a kit from Special Hobby which is a manufacturer in the Czech Republic. This is my first experience with one of their kits and I was looking forward to giving them a try.

This kit is of the Fokker D.XXI fighter which was designed in 1935. It was a fixed-gear monoplane and was originally built for service in the Netherlands. Finland license-built several for use in the Winter War against invading Soviets. It was armed with four machine guns in the wings and did well for their time.

This kit is a limited-run edition and comes with a small set of photo-etched metal parts. The plastic parts were well made and had nice detail. One thing I hate, and cannot understand, is the lack of guide pins on Czech models. It isn't a deal-breaker for buying the kits, but not having them makes some task more difficult than they need to be (joining the fuselage and wing halves together, for example). I had a tough time using the photo-etched parts as they are tiny for this scale and I was not used to using them in a build. I only used the rudder pedals and seat belts (which look nice) as the rest I either bent-up or lost.

The decals were well made but, in some regard, overly complicated (why is it necessary to have a two piece medical symbol, a red cross on a white background, when it is roughly the size of a large period?). Those were left off. But the decals on the prop were applied and they were also in two pieces (red decal on top of a yellow decal). Again, was this necessary? unbelievable All the Swazis were in two parts so you got a three piece decal (white back and two Swazi halves) which was okay until one Swazi folds back on itself - which happened to me a lot for some reason. scratch

The assembly instructions were good although the painting and decal examples (for three different planes) were hard to see at times. There are also some extra pieces on the sprues which are not in the instructions but don't seem to be required for the build.

Overall I am really happy with this model and how it looks. The camo is very cool and the model looks like it is eager to take to the air. I would definitely build another kit from this manufacturer. I hope you enjoy the build. Please feel free to offer any suggestions for improvement. Thanks! Very Happy

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Special Hobby 1:72 Fokker D.XXI - WWII Finnish Air Force
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