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 Special Hobby 1:72 - Regianne Re.2000 (export version)

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PostSubject: Special Hobby 1:72 - Regianne Re.2000 (export version)   Thu Feb 23 2017, 00:48

This is my build of a Special Hobby kit, in 1:72, of the Italian Reggianne (a division of Caproni Aircraft) Re.2000 / Heja I fighter in its export version. Designed in the late 1930's, the Re2000 first flew in May 1939. The aircraft had generally good performance but was ultimately rejected by the Italian Air Force as being to vulnerable due to its two main fuel tanks which had no protection and lack of armor for the pilot. However, this didn't stop the governments of both Sweden and Hungary from purchasing 60 and 70 aircraft respectively.

My build is of the Hungarian version of the Re.2000. It was different from the original Italian design in that the Hungarians replaced the Piaggio radial engine with a license-build Gnome-Rhone radial which was more reliable and provided slightly better performance. The Re.2000 had a top speed of 329 mph at 16,500 feet. It was armed with two 12.7 mm SAFAT machine guns firing through the engine cowling. The kit comes with markings for three different squadrons. My build is in the markings of 1/1 Fighter Group "Dongo," based at Ilovskoye Airfield in the winter of 1943.

I've built two other Special Hobby kits and they were not bad at all and were very nice kits. This one, however, was nothing like that. This small model took me a couple of weeks to get right as parts were badly molded and had to be corrected. No holes for attaching the prop, antennas, or other external parts were to be found and had to be drilled by me. The two cowling ports for the machine guns were omitted entirely as I would really damage the model trying to drill thru the solid and curved plastic. The resin cockpit was a disaster and was a big problem to fit inside the fuselage (lots of cutting and shaping involved). The metal PE parts were microscopic and not worth the time to place on the model in this scale (maybe if I had not had to fight with it so much I would have tried). Mad

So while I am happy with how it came out, I would not recommend this kit to anyone based upon my experience with it. It was a lot of work without much return. That said, I think the aircraft itself is rather smart looking and reminds me a lot of a Seversky P-35. Smile

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Special Hobby 1:72 - Regianne Re.2000 (export version)
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