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 Revell - The Mighty "Revell" kit discussion thread

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PostSubject: Re: Revell - The Mighty "Revell" kit discussion thread   Sat Feb 25 2017, 09:34

Had to go back a bit to revive this thread and bring this post over from the old forum.

I've finished and posted a thread for a 72nd scale Revell B-17F kit (Miami Clipper).  The kit was similar to one I built  several times when I was a kid.  On thinking about my current build, I became curious about the kit's history and I decided that I wanted to do a bit of research to learn more about the basic Revell 1/72nd scale mold mold.

Doing a quick Google search, I found an interesting site called Revell-Ations.

On this site, which includes a forum, there is a section that offers a bit of history about Revell kits.  From this site, I was able to get a better idea of the lineage of this old, yet enjoyable kit:

Available from 1962 Kit Number H-201-200

Re-boxed 1967 with new decals Kit Number H-209

Re-boxed 196(?) as Fortress IIA with new decals Kit Number H-213

Re-boxed / re-released 1972 Kit Number H-201

Re-boxed 1973 with new decals Kit Number H-228

Re-boxed 1979 with new decals Kit Number 4402

Re-boxed 1989 Kit Number 4338

Re-boxed 1991 with new decals Kit Number 04395  

Today, this kit has been re-engineered to more modern standards by Revell Germany and is available as RV 04279

All the versions on this post with pictures are available on ebay.  Some cost more than others due to age and scarcity.


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PostSubject: Re: Revell - The Mighty "Revell" kit discussion thread   Sat Feb 25 2017, 10:28


 Good post PMM - Very informative for those "not in the know" on Revell B.17's.

 You've included the very same box-artwork/kit that I (too), built as a kid...

  The 1974 Revell offering of "Memphis Belle"
  Even back then at that early tender young age I knew about "Belle" & B.26 "Flak Bait"

  By that remark, I mean that I actually "headhunted" those particular kits in '72/'73/'74.

 Class packaging (& therefore attraction), even "if" both kits are now sorely dated.

 Once I'd finished my 91st B.G."Belle", she went outdoors as a weather vane !!!!!!
 (always my initial intent, even whilst building her, in her Olive-Drab 1970's plastic)

 Today, those markings have been (sadly), "overplayed" by Duxford's "Sally.B".
 (meaning I still like them, but, am jaded after 4-decades of seeing same !)

 Unfortunately the main manufacturers usually choose predictable subject a/c.
 (meaning "same old, same old").

 Thankfully, the "cottage industry" decal-sheet makers recognise this plight I love you

 I'll ALWAYS have a soft-spot though, for my 1974 "Belle" & that classic, classic artwork.

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Revell - The Mighty "Revell" kit discussion thread
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