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 Member Posting Guidelines - PLEASE READ!

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PostSubject: Member Posting Guidelines - PLEASE READ!   Sat Feb 18 2017, 07:17

In order to promote an enjoyable forum experience for all members, we suggest the following tips for when you start a thread or post:

•We recommend and prefer a well thought out, eloquently written and informative post.  Short answers, or negative or sarcastic comments that some find "witty" may not be thought that way by others and don't necessarily add to the enjoyment of our hobby for all members.  Pause and think before you click submit.

•If you want to criticize a model, we prefer that you actually own the model or have owned it in the past.  Criticisms based on hearsay, pictures, or self-serving opinions read on other forums are discouraged.  General discussion about a model or kit is welcome even if you don’t own it.

•This forum is intended for recreational collectors who enjoy their models.  While we prefer to focus on the “positives” of any model or kit, we understand that these models and kits are not perfect.  Please limit any criticisms or negative comments to major flaws or historical inaccuracies.  Don't trash a model or build just because that's how you get your kicks.

•Read all posts in a thread before responding.  All too often on other forums, members respond to comments, answer questions, or add information that has already been posted.  

•We all have manufacturers, dealers or other forums that we prefer.  In order to avoid tedious “us versus them” arguments, we respectfully ask that you please refrain from inflammatory comments regarding individual manufactures, dealers, and other forums.

• We strongly encourage all members to feel free to "reopen" old threads.  Many times our newest members can add a lot to an older discussion.  Feel free to go back and/or add to an existing thread.

•To maintain an enjoyable forum experience for ALL our members, please avoid posting comments that include political & religious opinions or social commentary.  There are many means available on the Internet for you to express these opinions.  This forum is NOT one of them.
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Member Posting Guidelines - PLEASE READ!
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