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 SuperModel 1/72: Fiat G55S "Silurante"

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PostSubject: SuperModel 1/72: Fiat G55S "Silurante"   Sat Feb 25 2017, 01:24

This isn't just a regular model...

it's a SUPERMODEL! Very Happy It really is too. Supermodel is an Italian model company of which I can find little information. I bought my kit off Ebay and both the box and instructions have no date marks (but the box cover-art has a date by the artist signature of 1972). Regardless it is an old kit.

When I opened the box everything was still in their original plastic bags - except for the instructions and decals. The decals had aged badly and discolored so I used a trick I learned of taping the decals to a sunny window for a month. Voila! The discoloration is almost completely gone.

I was happily surprised by how nicely the plastic was molded and of good quality. There was very little flash to have to deal with. The instructions, which had turned brown with age, had only a couple of pics. One was a close-up of the cockpit assembly (the cockpit consists of a seat and pilot - nothing else). The other pic was a single exploded diagram to assemble the model. Ok. Confused This was where I had a few problems as I found, during assembly, that many of the mounting holes were reversed on the model itself. I had to redrill holes for the torpedo mounts and then fill the wrong holes in.

Another problem was with the gun troughs in the nose. They were in the model but there were no guns. I tried finding info on this online to see if the guns were supposed to be there (but weren't due to manufacturing cheapness) or not. I couldn't find anything really one way or the other so I decided to put them in. I drilled out the gun ports and made some guns. Once painted they looked great! Then the bad news. While looking for a camo scheme I could do I find a great source for information on the plane. Turns out the nose guns were removed from the G55S to save weight (the torpedo) and the troughs were fared-over. Cripes! Rolling Eyes So out with the guns and in with the putty.

I tried doing a Mediterranean camo scheme that I hope is reasonably close. The decals were a problem in that they has lost most of their adhesion (you can see one edge peeling-up from the wing in some of the pics - this has been fixed) so I may need to make my glue wash for them like I did for the Skyray. The Italian flag decals were not aligned correctly by the printer so there is a weird yellow border. Otherwise they didn't come out to bad.

The G55S first flew in August 1944 and was successfully tested in January 1945. Only one prototype was made as the war ended before production could begin.

I enjoyed putting this model together as the subject is quite unusual. I would also do another SuperModel again (reversed images aside). Wink Again, any modeling comments / suggestions are appreciated.

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SuperModel 1/72: Fiat G55S "Silurante"
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