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 Heller 1/72: SAAB J21A-1 fighter ( Flygvapnet )

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PostSubject: Heller 1/72: SAAB J21A-1 fighter ( Flygvapnet )   Sat Feb 25 2017, 01:34

This is a rather nice kit from Heller which is only deficient in regard to some details (which can be easily taken care of during the build). A fun and easy build.

SAAB J21A series

In mid-World War II, the Swedish government began development of fighter for their Air Force ( Flygvapnet ) for use in defensive operations. Using a license-built German DB605 engine (same used in the German Bf 109 fighter), mounted behind the pilot in a pusher configuration, the J21A series of aircraft was born.

The J21A is a twin-boom aircraft with a single piston engine mounted between the booms, behind the lone pilot. It has retractable tricycle landing gear and an ejection seat. Armament was in the nose of the aircraft and in the boom nacelles on the leading edge of the wing. Three variants were made: J21A-1, 2 and 3. Differences were in the types of weapons used and/or avionics. It had a maximum speed of nearly 400 mph, combat radius of nearly 250 miles, and a service ceiling of 36,000 feet.

The J21A series began production to late to see combat in WWII (1945). Production of the series ended in 1949. The aircraft were removed from service by 1955.

The Heller J21A-1 kit

As mentioned, this is a nicely done little kit that should not take long to build out of the box. The decals are great and assembly instructions are not bad. The kit is for the J21A-1 version which had machine guns in the nose and wing leading edge. I opted to build the "-2" version which included a single 20mm Bofors cannon (which I got using parts from my extra parts cache). I also added seat belts, painted the control panel and detailed the inside of the cockpit a bit. I also built the landing lights on the tail-boom nacelles and added the wing machine guns. Much of this info you will only get but researching online.

The paint colors were a little off in the instructions, but online research will clear that up as well. Make sure you add a lot of weight to the nose as this will be a tail-sitter otherwise.

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PostSubject: Re: Heller 1/72: SAAB J21A-1 fighter ( Flygvapnet )   Fri Mar 10 2017, 10:04

Love it. An intriguing aircraft, and really well-built model. I like the head-on shots, shows how well you've aligned everything.

 Mike Grant | Calgary AB
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Heller 1/72: SAAB J21A-1 fighter ( Flygvapnet )
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