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 Heller 1:72 PZL P-23B "Karas"

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PostSubject: Heller 1:72 PZL P-23B "Karas"   Sat Feb 25 2017, 01:38

This build is a Heller kit for which I could not find a date of manufacture. It is an EBay purchase and the box looks as if it has been around a while. The model is of a Polish Air Force PZL P-23B "Karas" light bomber / reconnaissance aircraft of the 55 Bombardment Sqn. in 1939. You do have the option to build it as a Romanian P-23A.

The PZL P-23A and B were powered by license-built Bristol Pegasus engines (the B model had slightly more power). It was apparently a difficult airplane to fly and had some poor flight characteristics which made pilots keep the airspeed to not more than approx. 200 mph. It had a crew of three (pilot, radio/upper rear gunner, bombardier/lower rear gunner) and was armed with three 7.62mm machine guns (one fixed forward firing and the other two manned by rear facing gunners). Many of these aircraft were destroyed in the early fighting of the Nazi invasion of Poland. Several were able to be flown to neutral Romania by Polish pilots attempting to save them from capture (where they would be later used to help the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union during Operation Barbarossa).

After building kits with various problems it was nice to get this Heller kit (and the previously reviewed Tamiya Nanzan kit) for a build. There were no problems at all with the instructions, parts, or decals. Everything went together as they should and painting was a breeze. The interior was pretty much devoid of details but I did what I could. If you have some idea of what the inside of the cabin should look like then this would be a detailers dream. About the only problem I had, which was not a fault of the kit, was painting the windows frames on the rear-gunners position in the gondola. That was hard and is the only part that I wish I could do a better job with.

I really like how this plane looks. It looks like a brute. The problem was it also flew like a brute and was just not a great design by what I've managed to read. Still a neat plane to look at.

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Hilarion Lefuneste

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PostSubject: Re: Heller 1:72 PZL P-23B "Karas"   Fri Apr 28 2017, 21:25

.... Nice build of a rare bird!

.... The Heller's kit dates from 1979-80, which explains why it's a bit "empty" compared to the actual standards.. (the other plastic model kits on the market are only rebox of the original kit which remains the only game in town in 1/72)..

....Documentation is scarce and no surviving a/c is there to provide a helphul walk around...

.... There's an eduard's photo etch set to complete the model...
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PostSubject: Re: Heller 1:72 PZL P-23B "Karas"   Sat Apr 29 2017, 06:50

Nice work. Polish planes really are not obscure, but they are not terribly common either. I too, like the design of this plane. The brutish look with the fixed landing gear screams 1930's!

I built the same model some time back. I can't remember who made the kit, but it was probably Heller...

Funny, when I see the same "Karas", I picture football player/actor Alex Karas in the movie "Blazing Saddles"..."Mongo like candy...."


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Heller 1:72 PZL P-23B "Karas"
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