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 Re: TIRPITZ = Handley-Page HALIFAX found in Trondhjemsfjorden

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PostSubject: Re: TIRPITZ = Handley-Page HALIFAX found in Trondhjemsfjorden   Sat Feb 25 2017, 09:13

[ topic carried over from our previous forum "MODEL WARBIRD" = defunct from March '17 ]'

Hornchurch wrote:

For those of you who have even a passing-interest in either of these subjects....

1,)  World War II  =  Four engined Heavy-Bombers FOUND on the Sea-bed & freshly discovered...

  ~  or  ~

2,) Anything directly associated with the German Battleship 'Tirpitz', then read on....


  Bombing the German Battleship TIRPITZ = Handley-Page HALIFAX found 70 yrs in Trondhjemsfjorden

 Amazingly, Norwegian divers have found ANOTHER rare Mk.II RAF-Halifax that bombed the Tirpitz

 It appears that "she" is also another 35 Sqdn machine, just like her "famous" sister, 'S-Sugar'

 (Her sister-ship, W.1048 = "S-for-Sugar" resides in the RAF Museum in Hendon, London, U.K.)

 This one (also shot-down by Tirpitz's "triple AAA fire") was coded 'TL-P'

 Here's a shot, showing her (broken) nose close-up in 2014



 Here's her actual fate, etc, tho' serial-number has yet to be I.D. by 100%

On 28th April 1942, the crew of Halifax W.7656 coded TL-P from 35 Squadron took off at 2037 hrs
from RAF Kinloss on the North East coast of Scotland to participate in an attack on the German Battleship Tirpitz
which was moored at the time in Fættenfjord in Norway.

This was to be the third operation the crew flew against Tirpitz,with the exception of Sgt Evans who did not fly on the March 30/31st operation.

In the March 30/31st operation F/L Petley and crew were in Halifax R9483 TL-O.

The 35 Squadron Operation Record Book states that "Nothing was heard from this aircraft from the time of take off".

Rank ~  Name ~ Crew Position ~ Age  ~ Home Town ~ Fate

    F/L PETLEY Pilot POWSgt COLUMBINE A B RAFVR Navigator 32 Carlton, Nottinghamshire, England DiedSgt EVANS A W S RNZAF W/Op Air Gunner 23 Hawera, Taranaki, New Zealand DiedSgt CRANSTONE G W/Op Air Gunner POWSgt POMROY G Tail Gunner POWSgt PRICE Flight Engineer POW

The aircraft made it to the target area, and proceeded to fly through the barrage of flak in Fættenfjord and over the target to drop their mines.
For some reason the navigator had been unable to release the mines when they were over the target,
and the pilot, F/L Petley, told the crew that they would go round again for a second attempt.

Flying in from a slightly different approach than the first bombing run up all at first appeared to be calm.

The barrage of flak they had faced on the first bombing run had abated. As the crew were soon to discover, this was to be the calm before the storm.

As the aircraft neared Tirpitz for the second time they were suddenly met by a severe and intense attack from what must have seemed, and probably was, every single German weapon available in the area.

The port wing of the aircraft was hit and caught fire.

The aircraft quickly began to lose height, and F/L Petley crash landed it on the waters of Trondheimsfjord outside Vikhamar.

The wireless operator, Sgt Cranstone, was the first man out after the ditching, followed by Sgt Price, the flight engineer, who released the dinghy.

F/L Petley joined them and they climbed into the dinghy.

The tail gunner, Sgt Pomroy emerged from the aircraft, and on realising that two of the crew were missing he went back into the aircraft to look for them.

The aircraft was sinking fast and Sgt Pomroy had to retreat to the dinghy with the others.

The navigator, Sgt Columbine and the wireless operator, Sgt Evans did not survive.

It is not known if they had been hit by flak or whether they had died when the aircraft ditched.

The surviving four airmen sat in the dinghy and watched as their aircraft sank to the bottom of the fjord, still on fire.

For around three hours the men drifted around in the fjord unable to make any headway with the dinghy paddles due to the strong currents in the water.

They were found by two Norwegians who had rowed out into the fjord. The Norwegians threw them a line and towed the dinghy in to the shore.

Once ashore, the crew thought that they might be taken to the Norwegian underground, however, they were not.

Instead, they found that they were taken to a German camp where they were handed over and became POW's.

They were taken by train to Oslo, and from there they were flown to Germany where they spent the rest of the war years in German POW camps.
Sgt Columbine and Sgt Evans are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey, England



Halifax found at 180m , Norway
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Posts : 43
Join date : 2017-02-19
Location : 8th Air Force region ~ Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk ~ >> EAST-ANGLIA, ENGLAND

PostSubject: Re: Re: TIRPITZ = Handley-Page HALIFAX found in Trondhjemsfjorden   Sat Feb 25 2017, 09:16

Hornchurch wrote:

pmmaker wrote:

Great thread - love the history from this period.  

The Tirpitz was the most effective battleship to never go out to sea.

Just her presence bottled up a lot of a allied resources.  

Wonder if Corgi will ever make this model now that the original has been found.


  Thanks pmm  ~  Being a British plane, I wasn't sure "if" folks would be interested ?

  The Handley-Page Halifax "is" a rare-beast at the very best of times.

  Only some 6,100+ were made & SUCH a MASSIVELY important plane in World-history...

  (i.e,  took part in World's FIRST 1,000 Bomber-raid and FIRST to 'Liberate Europe' ~ Pegasus Bridge 6th June 1944)

 Putting it another way, historians know that the B.26 Marauder IS a very-rare beast thesedays.

  There are not only DOUBLE the amount of B.26's left, but, before this, only ONE Merlin-Halifax in existence !

 Effectively, THIS, "doubles" the population.....


 Probably not (!!!!!!!!!)  =  NOT in the foreseeable future , NOT the way the world is financially at the moment

 Honest to God  ~  I "hope" I'm proven wrong, but I just don't see it yet..... (poor jaded me)

 The National RAF-Museum already have 'TL-S' ('S-for-Sugar') aka Halifax W.1048

 Both are 35 Squadron & BOTH are "sister-ships"

 Both took-off from the SAME Airfield, on the SAME NIGHT, for the exact SAME MISSION

 Both got shot-down

 W.1048 was "raised from the Lake" (Lake Hocklingen) back in 1973
 (Halifax W.1048 coded TL-S)

 This 'new one' =  Halifax W.7656 coded TL-P has only "now" been located in 2014

 That, plus two men of the crew 'died' in her ~ (or as a result) ~ Therefore making it an official "war-grave"

 Danger is here (now) is that...
As WW.II passes into legend (with veterans dying-off thru old-age), = will souvenir-hunters plunder the wreck ?

 As for Corgi EVER making a 'TL-P' to accompany 'TL-S'   =

 Any enterprising company worth their salt MIGHT consider releasing a "very limited edition"
 (after all, it's "same type plane, same squadron, same camouflage", etc)

 It WOULD (after all) give collectors who "missed out" the first time around, the chance to own one
 (an early B.Mk.II Handley-Page Halifax with Merlin engines, rather than the later Bristol-Hercules engined B.III & B.VI)

 HOWEVER ; I'd think it's a "certain bet" that this WON'T happen..... (ever)

 In fact, I think it WILL be left to the plastic-kit modeller to represent the (above ground) memory of 'TL-P' Halifax W.7656

If it WASN'T a "war-grave" then I personally would LOVE to see it raised !!!!!!!

Given the RAF Museum recently spent (over) £345,000 on raising-up that (junk) Dornier.17 off the Goodwin Sands.....
then THIS (virtually intact) 'Tirpitz combat'Halifax is most certainly a worthy candidate for saving
(for future generations & to honour the sheer volume of sacrifice of Bomber-Command)

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Re: TIRPITZ = Handley-Page HALIFAX found in Trondhjemsfjorden
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