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 Minicraft 1/48: Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket (Kit # 11626)

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PostSubject: Minicraft 1/48: Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket (Kit # 11626)   Sun Feb 26 2017, 00:16

Our good friend Mike did a build and review of this kit a while back so I won't delve into the history of the aircraft as Mike did that so well. Rather, I will concentrate on my experience with the kit. Luckily Mike made the other version of the aircraft that was included in the kit rather than the version I made (short-nose prototype).

The Kit

The kit, by Minicraft, is in 1/48 scale and was issued around 1998. It is kit number 11626.

I was very pleased by what I found inside the box. The parts are in a light grey plastic and were well molded with very little (if any) flash to clean. The instructions were well thought-out and illustrated. You can build two versions, the original short-nosed prototype and the version with the nose-guns installed. I could find nothing to indicate that the Skyrocker project progressed to the point where guns were actually installed so I stayed with the prototype which actually flew.

As a side note, Minicraft makes a second version of the Skyrocket which is with the long-nose and spinners on the props. You would be okay to build this kit as well since it was the later development of the Skyrocket, actually flew, and really changes the look of the aircraft.

The Build

The build was really uneventful (which is always a win in my book! Very Happy ). The parts all fit together well with very little work needed to clean things-up. The cockpit has a nice instrument panel but is so far forward you cannot hardly see it. There is practically no detail to the cockpit side walls. The canopy is injection-molded and fairly clear, However, it has a hole in it for the gunsight which was not used on the version I made. I used the Testors clear parts cement to create a window and fill the hole.

For the rest of the model, The nose comes with the gun-ports pre-drilled so you need to fill the holes and sand them smooth. The engines are nicely detailed and looked really good. The gear-wells are devoid on any detail, but that isn't a big deal for me in this instance.

The decals are sharp, vibrant, and not overly thick. They are just right.


This was my first Minicraft kit (thanks to Mike for influencing me to get it) and I am quite pleased with how it went together. This is a kit that also screams for someone with skills to add more to it. Based upon this kit I would seriously consider another Minicraft build.

Here's the pics:

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Minicraft 1/48: Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket (Kit # 11626)
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