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  Testors 1/72: Dornier Do24 seaplane

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PostSubject: Testors 1/72: Dornier Do24 seaplane   Sun Feb 26 2017, 00:20

The Dornier Do-24

The Dornier Do-24 was designed in 1934 in answer to a Dutch Navy requirement for a seaplane capable of both maritime patrol and search / rescue. Its maiden flight was in 1937. The Do-24 was a very capable seaplane that would equip several nations prior to, and during, World War II.

The aircraft had a top speed of just over 200 mph, with a range of over 1,600 miles. Its defensive armament consists of two 7.92mm MG15 machine guns (bow and stern turrets), as well as a 20mm HS404 cannon in the dorsal turret.

The Kit

The Testors kit is very basic, but it does build into a nice model. The instructions are nicely illustrated and paint call-outs seem okay. The cockpit is quite barren as far as details go so you could probably add more if so inclined (I painted the control panel and added seat belts to the pilot seats). No other detail is inside the model.

There are a few gotchas worth considering:

1. All glass (with the exception of the main canopy) and the turrets are installed early in the assembly process. This makes it a pain when painting and handling the model as so much extra care needs to be taken not to paint the "glass" or break the guns / turrets. I assembled and painted as much of the hull as I could before attaching the upper wing. Still, I had to go back and touch things up a bit.

2. After applying the last coat of Future, I opted not to weather (which it certainly could use) or apply Dullcoat. The last again due to the issue of needing to mask all the glass and the turrets. Nope. Nope. Nope. So you may need to think of this step in advance if you choose to do it.

3. No swazies for the tail (surprised me as it is Testors, and an old kit) so had to supply them from my stash. Speaking of the decals, those that came with the kit were quite yellowed so I left them in the hot Northern California Sun for a week. That did the trick!

Aside from some advance planning, the kit was fairly problem free. I like the little clear plastic stand they include to put the model on. A nice kit to consider.

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PostSubject: Re: Testors 1/72: Dornier Do24 seaplane   Sun Mar 12 2017, 10:11

Great build of a beautiful aircraft, PW. There's a silver Spanish SAR scheme that I'd love to do with this kit.

I hear you about the early installation of clear parts, I usually mask them as soon as they're in place and leave the masks until the final flat coat has been applied. Even more annoying is having to install machine guns or undercarriage legs early in the process – I'm guaranteed to snap them off before the project's finished.

 Mike Grant | Calgary AB
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PostSubject: Re: Testors 1/72: Dornier Do24 seaplane   Sun Mar 12 2017, 11:06

Thanks for adding this one. I like the rigging you added. I've never noticed that it had a tail turret before this.

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Testors 1/72: Dornier Do24 seaplane
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