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  Fujimi 1/48: Aichi Type-99 "Val" dive bomber

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PostSubject: Fujimi 1/48: Aichi Type-99 "Val" dive bomber   Sun Feb 26 2017, 00:27

This is my build of a vintage Fujimi kit fo the Aichi Type-99 dive bomber (Allie code name:Val). I could not find a date on the box or instructions to get a date for the kit, but I believe it is from the late 1980s - early 1990s. It is kit number #5A25 and is in 1/48 scale. I purchased it on Ebay and it was a great deal (under $12.00 shipped). The parts and decals were still sealed in the original bag with the decals only showing some slight decay/yellowing. The instructions, which were not inside a sealed bag, had browned a bit with age.

The Kit

The kits consists of the two fuselage halves, two upper wing halves, a single lower wing, and two parts-trees for the plastic parts. The clear canopy was in two sections on its own sprue. The assembly instructions are nicely illustrated, but are in Japanese. Luckily there is a step by step insert with a rough English translation of the assembly process. This shouldn't be a problem for anyone. The decals were in good condition but made for rather plain markings. I tried to find decals at the usual hobby sources and failed to find anything (unless I wanted to spend well over the cost of the model for a sheet of decals - not likely). So I was stuck using the decals from the set.


The plastic is of very good quality and had a minimum of flash to clean. Great! I found all the parts to be well-molded and had no trouble fitting parts together. Everything went together without a problem (other than reading, and comprehending some of the steps in the instructions).

Panel lines and rivets are not overly heavy and are pleasing to my eyes at least. The cockpit detail is minimal and the rear gun mount was incorrect. Also, in regard to the rear gun mount, the canopy would look odd as you would need to leave the rear canopy off entirely. I opted to do a closed canopy and leave the rear gun out entirely since you really cannot see it inside anyway.


Painting call outs are poor so I had to go online to do some research. I believe I've come up with a scheme that is from a unit on the Japanese aircraft carrier Zuikaku. Close anyway. Wink

I also tried my hand at doing a wash on the panel lines and doing some weathering. Let me know if you have any tips I might try in the future.

Here's the completed build:

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Fujimi 1/48: Aichi Type-99 "Val" dive bomber
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