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 Revell 1/48: Me 262A-1a

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PostSubject: Revell 1/48: Me 262A-1a   Sun Feb 26 2017, 00:40

My builds seem to be taking longer and longer to complete and this is no exception (over 2 1/2 weeks). Construction was not overly difficult (although there were a couple of surprises), but the painting slowed me down considerably. I put a lot of effort into the cockpit as I didn't know if I would complete the build with the canopy open (I eventually opted for closed). I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

The Aircraft

As much is already known of the Me262 I won't spend much time with it. It was the first jet fighter to see combat service in WWII. This version, Me262A-1a, was the most common variant and saw use as both a fighter and fighter-bomber.

Armament consists of four 30mm Mk.108 cannon in the nose. It can carry two 550 pound bombs.

The Kit

The kit is new release of an old kit (first released in 1978) # 5322. It is of a Messerschmitt Me 262A-1A and is in 1:48 scale.

The light gray plastic is of excellent quality with slightly raised panel lines. It has good detail for a mold of its age. The decals are also of excellent quality (some of the best I've used so far!). The kit allows you to build one of two liveries: one of a plane stationed at the Prague-Ruzyny Air Base in Czechoslavakia, May 1945. The other is of Pilot Major Walter Nowotney, commander of Kommando Nowotney in 1944. The latter is the scheme I opted to build.

The model can be fitted with bombs or aerial rockets as well as the cannon. It can also be built with the engine cover on one engine open, the gun covers open, as well as the cockpit. The engine really lacks a lot of detail to make it worth showing so I left the doors closed. The cockpit, nice though it is, was going to be a dust magnet so that was shut too. The only thing I did was keep the gun doors intact (so they can be removed in a single piece when I want to display the cannons) - see the included pic.


Assembly instructions were clear and well illustrated. The plastic parts required minimal cleaning of flash. Yes, this was going to be a FUN build! Mr. Green The only minor complaint I had was in assembling the canopy and attaching it to the model. The front windscreen with a "bullet-proof" panel behind it. That goes together well but it doesn't fit over the gun sight on the instrument panel. I had to remove the gun sight (a shame) so it would fit. I also had to carve out a bit of the cockpit front to make the windscreen fit better to the fuselage (have putty handy). Aside from this it was an easy build.

And be sure to add lots of weight in the nose at it is a tail sitter otherwise (although the kit includes a clear stake to place under the fuselage to hold it up).

Decals? You want decals? You will have plenty here with good placement instructions too.


For an old kit this still has much to offer for casual builders like me. Any quibbles I have are minor, making this a fun build. I would recommend this model to others looking for a decent 262 for their collection.

Here are additional pics:

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PostSubject: Re: Revell 1/48: Me 262A-1a   Mon Mar 13 2017, 09:46

Great looking 262 PW, just shows what can be done with an older kit. The splinter-camo edges are really sharp, what do you use as a masking medium?

 Mike Grant | Calgary AB
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Revell 1/48: Me 262A-1a
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