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 Austro-Hungarian Oeffag 153 Albatros D III)

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Captain Eddie

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PostSubject: Austro-Hungarian Oeffag 153 Albatros D III)   Sat Mar 04 2017, 11:28

Having recently purchased and read a book on Austro-Hungarian aces that came recommended on our forum, when it came to my attention that Eduard had produced models of said aircraft, I went ahead and purchased one off of ebay.

While Mike Marra (hey Mike, where ARE you, buddy!) could probably locate a better deal, I got a brand new one from Poland for $16.33 shipped.  It is the Eduard Week-end edition.  I have gotten a number of models from Poland, with very reasonable prices, and cheap shipping!

Back to the aircraft, for those who may not know....while it is an Albatros D III in effect, there are some differences between the Albatros and the ones produces by Oeffag, the most obvious being that they did away with the spinner, at least for a lot of the aircraft they produced.  It also had a different, higher powered engine, and was built with stronger wings.  

Glencoe also sold a model of the Austro-Hungarian Oeffag 153, but the reviews on it are TERRIBLE.
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PostSubject: Re: Austro-Hungarian Oeffag 153 Albatros D III)   Sat Mar 04 2017, 18:07

Great pick up Captain. Would love to see it built. The Glencoe model was incredibly AWFUL. bored2death So hopefully the Eduard version will be a much nicer kit and will go together much easier.


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Austro-Hungarian Oeffag 153 Albatros D III)
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