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 Modeling Product: Perfect Plastic Putty - BD44

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PostSubject: Modeling Product: Perfect Plastic Putty - BD44   Sat Mar 04 2017, 13:01

I found out about this product from a thread on The Model Hangar III forum.  This is a great tool for filling in seams on plastic kits and on die-cast models.  

Sold in a sqeezable tube, Perfect Plastic Putty (BD44) is a one-part superfine model filler by Deluxe Materials. It is fast-drying, fills fine gaps, creates invisible seams and cleans up with water.

Perfect Plastic Putty offers a good adhesion to plastic and it is easily sanded once dry. Being water-based, it is simple to apply in hard-to-reach areas. I just spread it with either the supplied nozzle tip or I use the end of a flat toothpick to apply and spread it out.  Then since the putty is water-based, I smooth it using a finger that I wet with water.  

What I really like about Perfect Plastic Putty is that it dries to a hard smooth finish without cracks. It fills deep cavities and large gaps on both plastic and die-cast models.  It is low-odor (which is great when working in a small enclosed space).  The putty is white and has a consistency similar to toothpaste.  The small tube does seem to go a long way and is easier to use than either Squadron Green Putty or the Testors White Putty.

Sanding the dry putty is minimal and painting it when dry is easy.  For die-cast or built plastic kit models, you can wet-mix it with paint.  I haven't tried this yet, but I may try it to fix gaps that I have in some of my die-cast planes.


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PostSubject: Re: Modeling Product: Perfect Plastic Putty - BD44   Sat Apr 01 2017, 08:52

I like the fine applicator idea. I will give this a try.

As far as low odor, well we just have to live with that. Sniffing stuff like Testors model glue is one benefit of model building.... What a Face lol


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Modeling Product: Perfect Plastic Putty - BD44
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