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 Making a Post: Using Multiple Quotes

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PostSubject: Making a Post: Using Multiple Quotes   Sun Mar 12 2017, 14:54

If you are making an answering post to a fellow member(s) and would like to use multiple quotes from different members' posts, here are the steps you need to follow.

1) Go to the first post you want to quote. Click on the on the [Multi-Quote] button on the top line of a post next to the thread title. once you click on it, it will turn red.

2) Now go to the next post you want to quote. Repeat the above step. Repeat until you have all the comments you want to quote.

3) Now start a new post by clicking on the [post reply] button on the bottom of the screen. All your quoted text will be in your text edit box. You can enter your text and/or edit the quoted text as per usual.


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Making a Post: Using Multiple Quotes
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