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 Entex 1/48 F-86D Sabre (kit # 9009)

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PostSubject: Entex 1/48 F-86D Sabre (kit # 9009)   Sat Mar 18 2017, 21:52

I'm afraid I have done you all a disservice. Here we have a new forum, and are into our second month of existence, and I have yet to contribute to the Hall of Shame (HoS). Well, I shall now make amends with this, my first (and no doubt not my last) entry into TMACF Hall of Shame. affraid

The F-86D

Based upon the F-86A Sabre jet fighter, the F-86D was designed to be an all-weather interceptor with the addition of a nose-mounted radar fixed under the radome. Unlike other radar-equipped fighters of the period, North American did away with the second crew member (radar operator) by designing a sophisticated electronics system to allow the pilot to work alone. They also replaced the fuselage-mounted machine guns in favor of a retractable fuselage-mounted battery of 24 2.75 inch Mighty Mouse rockets.

The first F-86D flew in December 1949. A little over 2,500 were built before production ceased in 1953. The USAF phased-out the aircraft by the end of 1961.

(Photo courtesy of the 525th FIS web site)

Entex 1/48 F-86D Sabre

I've wanted to add an F-86D Sabre to my collection for a long time. Die cast or plastic, 1/72 or 1/48, didn't matter as I just wanted one. I usually try and find a review for any kit I build to better understand any pitfalls I might encounter (I started doing this after my 100th - or so it seemed - addition to the HoS on the old forum). I couldn't find anything on the Entex kit so I bought it on Ebay. Little did I know what I would be in for.  Mad

The kit arrived and the contents was still bagged. There were LOTS of parts (over 125 pieces!) on the 5 sprue trees in that package. One thing I saw was that the enclosed decals looked poor. They were usable, but were just badly printed, soft focus, junk. So I purchased aftermarket SuperScale decals for a Sabre from the 525th Fighter Intercept Squadron, 86th Fighter Intercept Wing. I chose them for no other reason than I liked the scheme (the pic above is of the very aircraft this model is to represent).

I didn't know it when I purchased it, but this kit has an over-abundance of gimmicks. Moving parts, exposed engine, etc. Okay if they worked-out, but misery if not. Since this is a post to the HoS I guess you know how it went. No

The Build

The day came for my build to start. I opened the bags and saw that the kit had raised panel lines and rivets for surface details (sorry, I forgot to check the date of the kit and couldn't locate it online). Then came the biggest shock - every part, and I mean EVERY part, was covered in flash. How they managed to do it we will never know (since they are out of business and, dare I say, a kit like this could have been the reason why). So with a heavy sigh I began my build. Rolling Eyes

When I started with the cockpit, which is bare of anything interesting - including the control stick, I began finding out that not only did I have to clean every piece of flash, but I had to sand / cut-off huge ejection pins from any of the large parts used. Argh! To make it worse, I then began finding parts that were molded incompletely or were offset from their companion piece. I believe my first oath was let loose at this point. frustrated

Needless to say, thing only got worse from there. Important parts were missing entirely. I had to use putty to fill-in for missing parts or partially molded parts (air brakes are the most apparent examples). Lots of pre-fitting, sanding, drilling holes, puttying, and filing were needed to make things go together. There was no fun or relaxation to be found with this piece of junk.

The canopy and windscreen were badly scratched and wavy. I polished them as best I could but they are still bad. The canopy will not stay in the raised position without help of a shim I found to use.

The moving parts? They don't. They didn't fit correctly so were MADE to fit and then glued into place. Twisted Evil

I hated this model.

But on the bright side, the SuperScale decals were awesome (although they could certainly do with more stenciling).


If you hate someone who is a modeler, then this is the kit to give them. It is Roden worthy. Otherwise it is best avoided at all cost.

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PostSubject: Re: Entex 1/48 F-86D Sabre (kit # 9009)   Sun Mar 19 2017, 07:21

Beautiful job Bret even though the kit was a complete turd.  What I found on-line was this: Entex was an importer, not a manufacturer. They brought in model kits from the lesser-known Japanese companies, and in some cases, commissioned reissues of kits from old American makers such as ITC and Hubley. They were around from about 1975 or so until the very early 1980's.

Some were quality kits, others cheapies.  It seems you got stuck with a bad one. Crying or Very sad

The aftermarket decals saved the day!  This is a striking scheme and your efforts were worth it.  I know there are a few F-86D options out there in 72nd scale - Airfix has a pretty nice and easy to build kit and of course Falcon made a die-cast version which can still be found on eBay.  For 48th scale collectors, there is a Revell/Monogram kit which is reportedly a pretty good one and of course, the basically simple Lindberg kit.

Your build shows how a truly bad kit can be saved by a talented builder with lots of skill and even more patience.  You are to be commended for your completed model.  Good work! awesome


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PostSubject: Re: Entex 1/48 F-86D Sabre (kit # 9009)   Sun Mar 19 2017, 07:33

Great looking kit save! Another D.O.A. Brought back to life. 125 parts? That is about 75 parts too many for

I love silver post war birds and you did this plane justice despite the kit design. Thanks for sharing the intell!


"The glorious past, the wonderful future and the crummy now..." Jean Shepherd.
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PostSubject: Re: Entex 1/48 F-86D Sabre (kit # 9009)   Sun Mar 19 2017, 07:47

Quote: It is "Roden worthy"

Did you mean Roden or rodent? Very Happy

When I first viewed the thread I skimmed through the photo's and thought that it was a nice build despite the raised rivets. I then read your comments and became seriously impressed. I wouldn't have bothered even making an attempt.
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PostSubject: Re: Entex 1/48 F-86D Sabre (kit # 9009)   Sun Mar 19 2017, 10:34

I agree with the other comments – a really nice result considering what you started with. I built a 1/100 Enter DC-3 once, and remember it being quite nice. As PMM says, "Some were quality kits, others cheapies.  It seems you got stuck with a bad one."

FWIW the Revell 1/48 F-86D is a beautiful kit, and very reasonably priced...

 Mike Grant | Calgary AB
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PostSubject: Re: Entex 1/48 F-86D Sabre (kit # 9009)   Sun Mar 19 2017, 23:17

Thank you all for your comments and in commiserating. Wink I also appreciate the additional info about Entex that PMM and Migrant supplied (although I'll let someone else try one of their other kits first before trying one again myself Laughing ). The SuperScale decals were really nice. They are quite thin, but seemed reasonably strong and could be moved around quite a bit for placement. The only decal that didn't work was the red fuselage band, which fell apart after moving it about. I just think it was so skinny that it couldn't stand moving over the raised placement lines on the model all that much. But I would certainly purchase that brand again.

Thanks again guys.
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Entex 1/48 F-86D Sabre (kit # 9009)
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