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 REVIEW: Hobby Master HA3704 CAF CF-101B Voodoo, 409 "Night Hawk" Squadron, "Hawk One Canada" 1984

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PostSubject: REVIEW: Hobby Master HA3704 CAF CF-101B Voodoo, 409 "Night Hawk" Squadron, "Hawk One Canada" 1984   Sun Mar 19 2017, 14:28

Canadian Armed Forces CF-101B Voodoo "Hawk One Canada"
409 Squadron, CFB Comox, British Columbia, 1984
(Special Scheme commemorating the retirement of the CF-101 from Canadian Service)
1/72 Scale

Production Limited 1,000 Units

May 2012 Release

There were actually two "Hawk One's" painted in these colours. The first was done in 1977 (Aircraft #012) to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of 409 "Night Hawk" Squadron and was flown to Ottawa to collect the "Squadron's Colours".

The Second "Hawk One" (Aircraft #057 and the subject to be done by Hobby Master) was painted in 1984 to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the RCAF and also marked the year the CF-101 was retired from Canadian Service (The EF-101B all black "Electric" Voodoo continued on until 1987).

There are some subtle differences between the two renditions. (notably the bird's beak is longer and Rudder Stripes were added on the later version). Also #057 now acts as a Gate Guardian at CFB Comox, British Columbia (painted and stuffed in 1992) and there are some differences between how it looks now and how it looked back in 1984. The main differences being the Gate Guardian now has white trim around the Canadian Flag and a larger roundel on the fuselage.

The First "Hawk One Canada" (#012) as seen in 1977.

The Second "Hawk One Canada (#057) in 1984.

Gate Guardian as seen today at CFB Comox, British Columbia.

I have to start off by saying that this model does not disappoint in any way.

All the potential errors have been avoided.

1) The RWR antenna has been correctly removed.
2) The eye of the Hawk has had the extra detail added.
3) The leading edge of the intake lip has been corrected to White.
4) The ejection seat markings have been moved to their proper place.
5) The Canopy correctly does not have crew names.
6) The Turbine Warning stripe has the proper gap.
7) The wings correctly do not have roundels underneath.
8 ) Metal ring where the radome joins the nose is present.

All the corrections pointed out to William during the Artwork stage and the Pre Production stage (including deleting the forward air scoop, adding the searchlight under the cockpit on the port side, and adding the missing fourth rudder stripe) - have all been incorporated.

I would even dare say that this is perhaps one of the most accurate Hobby Master releases to date. The Blue colour is spot on and the markings truly reflect how this bird appeared in 1984. Thanks again to William for listening and for making a truly great replica.


Seen below with the first Canadian Voodoo by Hobby Master HA3702.
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REVIEW: Hobby Master HA3704 CAF CF-101B Voodoo, 409 "Night Hawk" Squadron, "Hawk One Canada" 1984
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