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 REVIEW: Hobby Master HL2018 BOAC Canadair C-4 (DC-4M) Argonaut G-ALHJ

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PostSubject: REVIEW: Hobby Master HL2018 BOAC Canadair C-4 (DC-4M) Argonaut G-ALHJ   Mon Mar 20 2017, 22:38

BOAC Canadair C-4 Argonaut (DC-4M)
"G-ALHJ" Arcturus, 1950s

August 2013 Release

Below: Sister aircraft G-ALHX.

I'm actually quite pleased with this model.

The Canadair North Star was a 1940s Canadian development of the Douglas C-54 / DC-4 aircraft. Instead of radial piston engines found on the Douglas design, Canadair employed Rolls-Royce Merlin engines in order to achieve a 35 mph faster cruising speed.

Here is a summary of changes incorporated since the first drawing was released:

1). The passenger windows and Cheatline have been raised appropriately.
2). The cockpit windows have been reduced in size.
3). The original incorrect square passenger door is now correctly rounded.
4). The main B.O.A.C. titles have been enlarged (twice actually) and raised off the Cheatline.
5). The B.O.A.C. titles above the door are now correctly arched.
6). The "Royal Mail" Logo is now present next to the passenger door.
7). ADF antennas both above and below the fuselage are now included.
Cool. The Horizontal bars on the tail have correctly been made thicker and further apart.
9). The name "Arcturus" under the cockpit has been "condensed".
10). The de-ice boots have been correctly split outboard of the engines with the outboard boots wider on the top surface of the wing.
11). The Fabric covered ailerons and elevators have been painted aluminum to differentiate them.
12). The point where the Cheatline meets at the nose has been sharpened.

Below: Actual aircraft G-ALHJ.

All in all a very good model of the Argonaut. (remember virtually all of the above points were missed on "another manufacturer's" 1/400 releases from a year or two ago and were happily accepted by collectors without complaint!).

Clearly Hobby Master listens to collectors who attempt to engage them. This results in some very good (and accurate) models.

Highly recommended.


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REVIEW: Hobby Master HL2018 BOAC Canadair C-4 (DC-4M) Argonaut G-ALHJ
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