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 REVIEW: Hobby Master HA8502 RCAF North American Mustang Mk.III, 441 "Silver Fox" Squadron, 1945

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PostSubject: REVIEW: Hobby Master HA8502 RCAF North American Mustang Mk.III, 441 "Silver Fox" Squadron, 1945   Tue Mar 21 2017, 14:24

Hobby Master 1/48 Air Power Series
Mustang Mk.III
9G-E, 441 "Silver Fox" Squadron, RCAF, May 1945
1/48 Scale

May 2014 Release (Delayed from December 2013)

Below: Photo of the actual aircraft taken in May 1945.

441 Squadron RCAF History

On February 8th, 1944 three newly-arrived RCAF Spitfire Squadrons (441, 442, and 443) were formed into 144 (RCAF) Wing. The famous RAF Wing Commander J.E. "Johnnie" Johnson, DSO, DFC, was Wing Commander (Flying) resposible for day-to-day operations and often led 441 Squadron.

The Wing intially was equipped with the Spitfire V which was soon replaced by the Spitfire IX. As part of 144 Wing, 441 Squadron flew Spitfire IXs on convoy patrols, escorted Allied Bombers to Targets in France, and conducted cross-channel "Rhubarbs" in search of targets of opportunity. Later 441 gained fame in post D-Day Normandy as part of the 2nd Tactical Air Force (2 TAF) , harassing the Germans on the ground and destroying more than 50 enemy aircraft in the air.

On Sept 30th, 1944 without explanation or warning 441 was transferred from Antwerp to Hawkinge near Dover on the south coast of Kent as part of 11 Group (Air Defence Great Britain) and sent back to England . They were being rotated out to allow 402 RCAF Squadron to join 2 TAF on the Continent. This was much to the dissappointment of squadron members who had only just caught up with the Army and enough German aircraft were being seen to give the pilots a chance to fatten their score.

In six months of operations (March - September '44) 441 had flown 2730 sorties, destroyed 56 enemy aircraft, as well as inflicted severe damage on German ground forces.

With the Luftwaffe in retreat, Bomber Command was increasingly conducting daylight operations, but needed escorts. This was the primarly role for 441 for the rest of the War.

In the Spring of 1945 the squadron traded its' beloved Spitfires for Mustang IIIs. Although the Mustangs arrived just days too late to see Combat it was generally well liked by the combat veterans of 441 but especially appreciated the fighter's much greater range. If the War in the Pacific had continued, it is likely that the Squadron would have been used in the Bomber Escort role as part of the Commonwealth's "Tiger Force" which would have used White painted Lancasters and Lincolns in the bombing of Japan. As it was, 441 flew their Mustang IIIs from May 1945 until the Squadron was disbanded in August of 1945.

441 Squadron was reborn in 1951 initially on the Vampire but soon converted to Canadian made F-86 Sabres (initally based at North Luffenham in the U.K. then Marville in France). Later the Squadron would fly the CF-104 Starfighter and CF-18 Hornet.

Some photos of other Mustang IIIs in service with 441 RCAF Squadron.

The Model

Overall the model is a real beauty. Again the paint quality is superb and all the parts fit together without any issues.

This is the second P-51B/C Mustang release by Hobby Master and is the first release to have the correct four gun armament. Of note is that the inboard Wing leading edge is that of a P-51D model and differs slightly from the P-51B/C. Hobby Master was hoping to continue production of the "D" model by using the same leading edge - however complaints by collectors has resulted in a new leading edge being tooled for future releases.

The only other minor missed detail is that the exhaust stacks have been oversprayed in camouflage paint. I plan on touching mine up with a bit of enamel paint.

Recommend for any collector of Canadian or Commonwealth themed aircraft.


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PostSubject: Re: REVIEW: Hobby Master HA8502 RCAF North American Mustang Mk.III, 441 "Silver Fox" Squadron, 1945   Tue Mar 21 2017, 18:30

Great photo's but I have this one and I'm afraid I found it to be very bland so much so that I didn't take any photo's as I usually do and it stayed in the box.
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REVIEW: Hobby Master HA8502 RCAF North American Mustang Mk.III, 441 "Silver Fox" Squadron, 1945
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