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 REVIEW: Hobby Master HA3709 RCAF CF-101B Voodoo, RCAF Station Uplands (Ottawa)

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PostSubject: REVIEW: Hobby Master HA3709 RCAF CF-101B Voodoo, RCAF Station Uplands (Ottawa)   Sat Feb 18 2017, 22:08

Hobby Master 1/72 Air Power Series
CF-101B Voodoo
17450, No. 410 Squadron,
RCAF Station Uplands (Ottawa) 1962
Limited production 750 Units

September 2013 Release

When the Canadian Government tragically cancelled the Avro CF-105 Arrow in 1959, the RCAF had to act quickly to find a suitable replacement for the Avro CF-100 Canuck and the F-86 Sabre.

For Canada's NATO contribution in Europe the CF-104 was selected to replace the Sabre. For the NORAD role the McDonnell F-101B Voodoo was chosen to replace the CF-100. In 1961 the RCAF began to receive 66 CF-101Bs from USAF stocks (They were from the last production batch of 1959). Eventually five RCAF Squadrons were equipped with the "One-Oh-Wonder". In 1971, the now renamed "Canadian Armed Forces", traded the 56 surviving CF-101Bs for 66 updated versions (identified by the infrared seeker above the nose) which served until replaced by the CF-18 Hornet in 1984.

Hobby Master had previously released a "Canadian Armed Forces" CF-101B Voodoo (HA3702) from the second batch of aircraft.

This RCAF release is about as different from HA3702 as you can get for an operational Canadian scheme - Natural Metal finish, "RCAF" titles vs "Canadian Armed Forces", Red Ensign Flag, Large original "Silver Maple Leaf" Roundel on the fuselage, earlier "B" Model without an infrared seeker above the radome (involved some re-tooling), and full Red and White Squadron Identification rudder stripes.

This model was a suggestion I made to William at Hobby Master well over a year ago. It represents a 410 Squadron based at RCAF Station Uplands (Ottawa) in 1962 (identifiable by the rudder stripes). All the parts fit together well with the pre assembled gear modules making "fiddly bits" a thing of the past. The paint used is a very high gloss silver (same as used on the recent F-86 "The Huff" release) and is well applied. I particularly like the way Hobby Master used a different colour (aluminum) on top of the wing to simulate a natural metal panel effect.

Again since I was doing the research for this aircraft the following errors were avoided at both the artwork and Pre Production stages.

1) Red and Silver Rudder stripes were corrected to Red and White.

2) The "RCAF style" of the numbers (#450) along the fuselage was not quite correct. In particular the "0" needed to be more square.

3) The Canopy needed to be outlined in a brass metal colour. The Canopy trim can appear yellow after many years of use due to discolouration of the sealant used (i.e. HA3702). However, #17450 was newly delivered so a brass like metal colour was correct.

4) The Data Link antennas underneath the rear fuselage were not present until 1963 so were removed for this model.

5) Skinner67 mentioned that the Lightning Stripe did not look correct and he was right. In fact the Lightning Stripe actually slopes slightly downwards from the back of the aircraft towards the front. This is reflected on the Official RCAF Drawings of the time. The overall result is that the distance between the upper and lower stripes is now less and reflects reality.

The Pre Production photos also had a few errors which were corrected on the Final Product.

6) The metal nose radome ring was added.

7) The antenna above and behind the cockpit (not used on Canadian Voodoos) was removed.

Unfortunately my suggestion for the pilots to be wearing RCAF blue flight suits was not done - however you can't even see them inside the cockpit. So call it an OCD detail I'm sure most would not think important.

Also the last stage of the afterburner was not painted a darker colour. Evidently Hobby Master has these all pre painted and the extra labour cost could not be justified (Easily painted by the collector if really desired I suppose).

Another great addition to the Canadian collection and also very highly recommended! Only 750 have been made and already sold out at the factory level - so get one while you can!


HA3702 and HA3709 together

Three Hobby Master Canadian Voodoos completed..................Just one more to go!

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REVIEW: Hobby Master HA3709 RCAF CF-101B Voodoo, RCAF Station Uplands (Ottawa)
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