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 Avalon Airshow (because the geezer asked for it)

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PostSubject: Avalon Airshow (because the geezer asked for it)   Thu Mar 23 2017, 21:12

The Geezer (aka Hornchurch) ask me to show off a couple of pictures from the Avalon Airshow,...which is now the biggest airshow in the Southern Hemisphere and the 5th largest show on the planet. Australia traditionally has a pretty good warbird effort. Avalon airshow corporation could do a better job showing them off,....but you take what you can get and a number of the best types are either grounded (Sabre and Canberra) or have been sold (B25). But it was still a pretty good effort and whilst many aircraft did not attend the show, was still more than worthwhile. I'll stick with the older types, because as Hornchurch mentioned, the Hudson is incredibly unique.


CAC Boomerang

This airplane is a highlight for me. It makes the most incredible noise and it flew with the Hudson. The Boomerang is all Australian,..conceived, designed and produced for the RAAF. By the time it got into service, US fighters such as the P40 and UK fighters like the Spitfire left the Boomerang behind and it could not compete with Japanese fighters. But, oddly it excelled in close air support in the mountains of New Guinea where it's nimble nature could get very low into some of the harshest territory on the planet and deliver bombs in support of the Army.

The Hudson, a rather unusual pose.

In somewhat a more conventual posture.

A brace of CT4s and Winjeels.

MKVIII Spitfire

The Meteor.

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PostSubject: Re: Avalon Airshow (because the geezer asked for it)   Sun Jun 04 2017, 11:06

Nice! By me here in the US, they are having the "Reading WW2 Weekend". Much in the way of reenactor units, military vehicles and many planes. I understand there is a B-29, B-17, B-25 and numerous other aircraft in attendance.

I just had a bi-plane trainer and what looked like a P-40 fly over my house, on their way home apparently. I heard the engines and it caught my pics though.. Crying or Very sad


"The glorious past, the wonderful future and the crummy now..." Jean Shepherd.
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PostSubject: Re: Avalon Airshow (because the geezer asked for it)   Thu Jun 08 2017, 00:27

Nice pics! I'd love to see the Hudon and Meteor do some flying.
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PostSubject: Re: Avalon Airshow (because the geezer asked for it)   Thu Jun 08 2017, 07:42

The Hudson is a magnificent old bird and the guys that display her really put her through he paces - great to see.

Stay tuned for another flying version in a few years to come... in New Zealand Cool

Avalon was once again a fantastic show, thoroughly enjoyed myself as did my eldest son who flew over for the weekend from NZ

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Avalon Airshow (because the geezer asked for it)
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