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 My Ebay pre-sale

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PostSubject: My Ebay pre-sale   Wed Apr 05 2017, 00:48

I know we haven't had the best results selling on the forum, but I have some models I would like to sell before going on Ebay. I'm extremely busy at work so that, and the upcoming Easter holiday, will rule out Ebay until things calm for me. But I am more than happy to deal with you fine folks.  Here's just a quick list with more to follow:

1. Witty Wings F-15E Strike Eagle (WTW-72-006-014) - USAF, L/E #297 of 720, 1/72

2. Corgi Westland Wessex HAS.3 "Humphrey" (AA37602) - Royal Navy, L/E #1400 of 2610, 1/72

3. Corgi Ju-87B-2 (AA32503) - Luftwaffe, 1/72

4. Corgi Westland Wessex HAR.2 (AA37601) - RAF, L/E # 2513 of 3160, 1/72

5. Corgi Bf109G-2 "Black 6" (AA34909) - Luftwaffe, L/E # 777 of 999, 1/32

6. Corgi Canberra TT18 (AA34707) - RAF, L/E # 152 of 1760, 1/72

7. Corgi He111 (AA33705) - Luftwaffe, L/E # 1080 of 1700, 1/72

8. Corgi Predators F104G (PR99412) - Luftwaffe, L/E #1464 of 3760, 1/72

9. HM Bf 110G-2 "Wespen" (HA1806) - Luftwaffe, 1/72

10. Corgi Bf 109E-3 "Waldemar Wubke" (AA32103) - Luftwaffe, 1/72

11. Corgi Ju 87B-2 (AA32505) - Luftwaffe, 1/72

12. HM P-39Q (HA1709) - French Air Force, 1/72

13. CyberHobby Me 109G-6 "Erich Hartmann" (50249) - Luftwaffe, 1/72

14. Dragon P-47D-11 "Gabreski" (50265) - USAAC, 1/72

15. Matchbox P-47 "Gabreski" (91730) - USAAC, 1/72

16. Corgi Spitfire Mk.II "Garfield Weston" (49003) - RAF, 1/72

17. Dragon P-47D "47th FS - Pacific) (50116) - USAAC, 1/72

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PostSubject: Re: My Ebay pre-sale   Wed Apr 05 2017, 05:39

Some great models there Propwash. Unfortunately, I too am liquidating my die-cast collection so buying from you will not make too much sense.

Hopefully there is something there that someone needs.


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PostSubject: Re: My Ebay pre-sale   Wed Apr 05 2017, 09:06

If/when you EBay them, put them up at decent buy now prices and list them for 30 days with the automatic renew option. The auctions will run for 90 days, with out further messing around.

That is what I have been doing with other collectibles I have. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to liquidate through eBay, unless you sell planes in lots or at rather cheap prices...

Sometimes, "brick and mortar" hobby shops might buy them. There is a store near Buffalo, NY that sells all sorts of diecast. They do a pretty good business selling second hand diecast planes. I have bought Corgi PBYs from them in the past. Their website is kind of clumsy, but the store is excellent. Well worth a visit if you are ever in the area...


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PostSubject: Re: My Ebay pre-sale   Wed Apr 05 2017, 10:40

Not being a die cast collector they're of little interest to me unfortunately, but I hope you sell them without any problem. I always find eBay very hit-and-miss, and difficult to predict. I see valuable, hard to find kits getting one bid and going for a pittance one week, then the same model fetching an outrageously high price with multiple bids a few weeks later. Unfortunately, when I sell, mine always fall into the former category Very Happy I do have a few kits to dispose of so maybe I'll try listing them here first.

I've tried selling built kits with limited success (72nd scale fetch virtually nothing) and then there's the problem of shipping them safely. But, I see some guys doing very well at it so I guess they've devised a system.

 Mike Grant | Calgary AB
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PostSubject: Re: My Ebay pre-sale   Thu Apr 06 2017, 00:48

I've added additional models to the list.

Thanks guys for your comments and suggestions. I appreciate it. Very Happy
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My Ebay pre-sale
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