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 Miss Minookee B-17F

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PostSubject: Miss Minookee B-17F   Sat Feb 18 2017, 10:22

The Corgi B-17 models I own are among some of the most impressive looking die-cast models in my collection. With wingspans over a foot long and a certain weight, these models are well worth the cost.

This particular model was part of a three plane set that included the B-17, a P-51D, and a P-47. I was fortunate that a fellow collector was willing to part with this B-17 for a reasonable price. As I desperately wanted this model for years, I was more than happy to trade two of my models for this plane.

Unlike other Corgi B-17Fs which have the inaccurate tail and cheek guns of the B-17G, this model is a true "F" version with the flat pane cheek gun positions and the non-Cheyenne tail gun turret. The only issue is the plane's color. Rather than being painted in a darker olive drab, this model sports an unusual "drab apple green" color. While purist dismiss this model for this reason, I think it is a mistake. The model, wrong color or not, is impressive. The color can show how these planes faded and weathered as they were exposed to the British weather and harsh operating conditions. Like with all my other diecast models, I added a few embellishments. I used my Tamiya pastels and added some engine exhaust stains on the upper and lower engine nacelles and wings. I also added the radio aerial wires.

In the future, I plan on repainting this model with a darker olive drab. But right now, I'm happy with my Miss Minookie B-17.


These are pictures of my model as she is displayed:

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PostSubject: Re: Miss Minookee B-17F   Sat Feb 18 2017, 18:06

A good looking B-17 and I agree with your comments on color. Good job on the exhaust staining and radio rigging. It helps make the model that much better.

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PostSubject: Re: Miss Minookee B-17F   Sat Feb 18 2017, 19:00

Sharp looking plane. The color doesn't look bad, especially in the natural light. The antenna rigging you added, really sets off the look of the model.

I wonder if a "olive drab" wash, on the dark side, would get you the results you desire?

I have the B17 from the mistakenly named Corgi "Pacific War" set that featured three ETO Is this the same plane? Mine is in storage at the moment.


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Miss Minookee B-17F
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